Fiscal Year 2024

Operational Override

The Town of Hingham is entering the FY24 budget season with a deficit that resulted from COVID-19 and related operational needs.

To address this deficit, the town will present an override proposal to Town Meeting and at the ballot. As part of the override process, the town, including the schools, must present two budgets: 

  • The level services budget, which has been strongly advocated by Central Office, district leadership, and the Hingham School Committee, to allow us to maintain current programming. This budget assumes that the Town Meeting provides an operational override. 
  • The reduced service budget/balanced budget outlines a series of reductions that would be needed if an operational override fails.

The town’s expected FY24 deficit will be $7.5 million. The school’s portion of this deficit will be 65%, or $4.8 million. Without an operational override, the district would require significant personnel and program reductions in addition to the initial round of cuts presented to the School Committee at budget hearings over the past few weeks. Find the materials to those meetings HERE.

For more information on the town’s proposed override, please visit the Town of Hingham website.
Budget Meetings
DateTimeLocationMeeting Type
Jan. 5, 20236:00 pmTown Hall1st Budget Presentation
Jan. 12, 20236:00 pmTown HallSchool Building Budgets
Jan. 18, 20236:00 pmTown HallStudent Services, and Teaching & Learning Budgets
Jan. 26, 20236:00 pmTown HallInitial Discussion of Reductions, and Facilities, Athletics and Transportation Budgets
Feb. 1, 20236:00 pmTown Hall2nd Budget Presentation: Further Discussion of Reductions
Feb. 13, 20236:00 pmTown HallPublic Hearing with School Committee
Feb. 16, 20237:00 pmTown HallBudget Meeting with Select Board and Advisory Committee

Fiscal Year 2019

Fiscal Year 2018

Fiscal Year 2015

Final Budget


School Committee Budget – 3/10/14 – PDF File

Below are the FY 15 Budget Guidelines and Assumptions that were adopted by the School Committee on November 4, 2013.



Fiscal Year 2014

The slides below can be used in conjunction with the message.  The presentation below is a more visual view of the budget proposal.  The two documents are the same.  One is a PowerPoint 2010 document and the other two are PDF files of the presentation.