1.1 GOALS AND OBJECTIVES. The goal of school administration is the successful implementation of the policies set by the School Committee.

1. Establish procedures which provide for effective and economical execution of School Committee policies.
2. Assign duties and responsibilities to the school staff as required to implement procedures.
3. Assist and advise the school staff in the exercise of their duties and responsibilities.
4. Budget and employ available resources effectively and economically.
5. Keep the School Committee informed on all matters concerning policy.

12/1/75 // 1/10/94

1.2 ORGANIZATION. Within the human and financial resources provided by the School Committee, the Superintendent shall organize the school administration in the manner which will meet the goals of the school system. (See Procedures 1.2A – 1.2H for organizational charts.)

12/1/75 // 1/10/94

1.3 SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENT. The School Committee shall appoint a Superintendent of Schools. The Superintendent of Schools shall be the chief executive officer of the Hingham Public Schools. The Superintendent shall be: the educational advisor to and executive agent of the School Committee; responsible for providing educational leadership and for developing and maintaining the best possible educational program and services; and responsible for developing and recommending to the School Committee plans to further educational excellence and for informing the School Committee regarding progress and problems in the public school system. The Superintendent shall: attend all School Committee meetings and participate in all School Committee deliberations, except when he/she has delegated this responsibility to a subordinate for reasons acceptable to the Chairman of the School Committee and when matters pertaining to his/her own employment are under consideration; be responsible for preparing the agenda for meetings of the School Committee and for its circulation in advance of meetings; advise the schools on policies and procedures that the School Committee takes under consideration; and take the initiative in presenting to the School Committee policy, planning and methodologies issues for its attention; and be responsible for providing the School Committee with the information and data required in order for it to make valid and informed decisions. The Superintendent, together with other selected members of the professional staff when appropriate, shall represent the profession of education in the School Committee’s deliberations. (See Procedure 1.3A regarding the Superintendent.)

12/1/75 // 1/10/94

1.3.1 COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS. The School Committee will set the salary of the Superintendent and determine the length and conditions of the contract and what benefits he/she shall receive in addition to those required by the General Laws.

12/1/75 // 1/10/94 // 12/20/04

1.3.2 EVALUATION. Prior to October 15 of each year the School Committee and the Superintendent of Schools shall evaluate, in writing, the Superintendent’s performance in attaining the objectives set for the past year, and shall formulate a set of objectives for the ensuing year. These objectives shall be presented publicly at a School Committee meeting in October of the following year.

12/1/75 // 1/10/94 // 12/20/04

1.4 ADVISORY COUNCILS TO THE SUPERINTENDENT. The Superintendent shall organize councils and committees as required to provide coordination and communication or to study areas or problems of the school system. Membership may be made up of administrative personnel, faculty, students, parents and interested citizens, as required. The formation of ad hoc committees to study unusual school problems or accomplish special projects will be developed in consultation with the School Committee. (See Procedure 1.4A)

12/1/75 // 1/10/94 // 12/20/04

1.5 ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL. The Superintendent shall advise the School Committee of the needs for administrative personnel and the School Committee shall determine the administrative positions and other leadership roles required to ensure that adequate administrative planning and supervision is provided for the school system.

The appointment of personnel to fill administrative positions shall be made by the Superintendent or with the approval of the Superintendent. The Superintendent will keep the School Committee informed of all appointments.

12/1/75 // 1/10/94


Assistant Superintendent of Schools
Director of Business & Support Services
Director of Student Services
Secondary Principals
Elementary Principals
Assistant Principals *
Department Directors *

12/1/75 // 1/10/94 // 12/20/04

* Members of the Administrators Association (AA)


Superintendent Principals
Assistant Superintendent Assistant Principals
Director of Student Services Department Directors
Director of Business & Support Resource Teachers
Services Kids In Action Director
Manager of Technology Services
Elementary Literacy Coordinator


1.5.3 COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS for principals shall be individually negotiated with the Superintendent and subject to School Committee approval.


1.5.4 COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS. Compensation and benefits for members of the Administrators Association shall be negotiated between the School Committee and the Administrators Association of the Hingham Public Schools.

Compensation for other administrative personnel shall be recommended by the Superintendent and set by the School Committee.

12/1/75 // 1/10/94 // 12/20/04

1.5.5 GENERAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Duties and responsibilities of administrative personnel will be assigned by the Superintendent in accordance with the approved Policies and Procedures.

12/1/75 // 1/10/94

1.5.6 JOB DESCRIPTIONS. A job description shall be written for each administrative position in the Hingham Public Schools. The job description shall list specific duties and responsibilities as well as the qualifications for each position.

All administrative job descriptions shall be included in the Procedure section of the Policy Handbook and shall be subject to periodic review by the Superintendent of Schools and the School Committee.

Under normal circumstances, when a position vacancy occurs, the job description shall be reviewed by the Superintendent of Schools and the School Committee prior to posting and/or advertising the position. Posting and/or advertising for such positions shall be consistent with contract language of both the Administrators Association and the Hingham Education Association. (See Procedures 1.5A-S for individual job descriptions.)

12/1/75 // 1/10/94 // 12/20/04

1.5.7 EVALUATION. Prior to August 15 of each year the Superintendent or the immediate supervisor shall evaluate, in writing, each administrator’s performance. Such evaluation shall include an assessment of the success in attaining the objectives set for the past year and a formulation of objectives for the ensuing year.

12/1/75 // 1/10/94

1.5.8 RESIGNATIONS. Resignations must be presented in writing and submitted to the Superintendent at least sixty (60) days in advance of the effective date. The Superintendent may waive this requirement when circumstances so dictate.

12/1/75 // 1/10/94

1.5.9 WORKING CONDITIONS. Working conditions for members of the Hingham Administrators Association shall be as negotiated between the School Committee and the Administrators Association.

12/1/75 // 1/10/94 // 12/20/04

1.6 RECORDS. The school administration shall maintain in good order those records required by the Massachusetts General Laws and the policies of the School Committee. (See Procedure 1.11A regarding Public Access to Records.)

12/1/75 // 1/10/94

1.7 ACCEPTANCE OF GIFTS AND MAJOR FUNDRAISING. The Hingham School Committee is committed to providing the students of Hingham with a high quality education in a nurturing setting. The School Committee expects that the annual appropriation of local funds that are needed to realize that vision will continue to be a community priority.

However, the School Committee recognizes that private organizations or individuals, parent and community groups, or businesses may want to provide financial support or other gifts to improve school facilities or programs or otherwise enhance the quality of the educational experience for Hingham students.

The School Committee may accept private funds, real property, or services or approve proposals for named sponsorships that enhance HPS school facilities or programs according to the guidelines specified in procedures #1.7A, B, C. The School Committee reserves the right to refuse funds, property or services or to deny approval of proposals for named sponsorships that are not consistent with the mission, goals, or curricula of the schools.

See Policy 6.26 for additional guidelines on fundraising activities.


1.8 COMMERCIAL AND PROMOTIONAL ACTIVITIES. Distribution of commercial and promotional materials not directly related to school fund-raising activities shall be at the discretion of the Superintendent. In making the decision, the Superintendent shall weigh educational value and consistency with the mission and objectives of the Hingham Public Schools.

12/1/75 // 1/10/94

1.9 USE OF SCHOOL NAME. The use of such names as “Hingham”, “Hingham Public Schools” or similar names to promote any project or activity shall be permitted only when the activity or project has been approved by the Superintendent of Schools, or the Superintendent’s designee, through prior written permission. The Superintendent shall take into consideration the good name and reputation of the Hingham Public Schools in determining whether to grant or to withhold such permission.

The use of an individual school name to promote any project or activity shall be permitted only when the principal of such school has given prior written permission for that project or activity. The principal shall take into consideration the good name and reputation of the Hingham Public Schools, and such guidelines as the Superintendent may from time to time promulgate, in determining whether to grant or to withhold such permission.

12/1/75 // 1/10/94

1.10 SCHOOL CENSUS. The Superintendent shall, according to State Law and DOE regulations maintain appropriate enrollment records of children attending district or out-of-district schools.

9/29/75 // 1/10/94 // 12/20/04

1.11 SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. Students shall be assigned to particular schools by the Superintendent with due regard to both the individual student and all school children.

As a prerequisite of attendance in the Hingham Public Schools, the parent or legal guardian of the student must be a resident of the Town of Hingham. This prerequisite may be waived by the School Committee in individual cases upon the showing of exceptional circumstances and on such terms and conditions as the Committee may specify, such as school choice participation in the State School Choice Program.

The Superintendent may permit temporary admission of a child not enrolled in another school outside of Hingham whose parent or legal guardian demonstrates to the satisfaction of the Superintendent a definite commitment to establish residency in Hingham or may allow a child whose residence has changed from Hingham to remain in the Hingham Public Schools on a temporary basis. The Superintendent shall make available to the School Committee a record of all such children whom he/she has temporarily admitted to or allowed to remain in the Hingham Public Schools. (See Procedure 1.11A)

9/29/75 // 1/10/94 // 12/20/04

1.12 ANNUAL STATE REPORT. The School Committee shall ascertain and record, in accordance with State law, the names, ages and such other information as may be required by the Department of Education, of all minors residing therein between five and sixteen, and of all minors over sixteen who reside in Hingham and do not meet the requirements for the completion of the sixth grade of the Hingham Public Schools. The School Committee shall also ascertain the number of pupils regardless of age, whose parents or legal guardians are residents of the town and who are enrolled for full-time attendance, in kindergarten and grades up to and including grade twelve, in public and vocational schools and classes in The Commonwealth and non-public schools anywhere.

The School Committee shall make an annual detailed report of the condition of the public schools and that annual report shall set forth the number of children recorded as herein required, classified by ages, together with the number attending public or private schools, and the number not attending school, in any given year. 1

1. C.72. S2 and 4
9/29/75 // 1/10/94

The superintendent or his/her designee shall have authority, in his/her discretion, to cancel or delay particular school sessions, or to dismiss them early, because of inclement weather or other emergencies. 1 The Superintendent shall ensure that schools are scheduled to meet the mandated number of days and instructional hours.

1. C. 71, S4

9/29/75 // 1/10/94 // 12/20/04

1.14 OUT-OF-DISTRICT PLACEMENTS WITHIN HINGHAM. Students are expected to attend the school in the elementary district in which they live. However, the superintendent, at his/her discretion, and in consultation with the principal(s), may authorize placements in a different elementary school which are compatible with 1) school committee policy regarding class size and balance and 2) other relevant educational quality issues determined by the superintendent. The superintendent may, at his/her discretion, set a deadline by which time applications for out-of-district placement for the following year must be submitted. All applications must be made in writing to the superintendent. In the event that applications for placement at a particular grade exceed the number of spaces available, the superintendent may employ a lottery to select students for those spaces. Out-of-district placements will be re-evaluated annually.

The family of an elementary out-of-district student will be responsible for transportation to and from school.

2/22/99 // 12/20/04

Volunteers are integral to the success of the Hingham Public Schools. The Hingham Public Schools encourages and promotes the use of volunteers in order to expand and enhance parental and community involvement within our schools. All volunteers participating in academic, athletic or extracurricular activities are expected to:
hold themselves to high standards of ethical behavior
respect confidentiality and privacy
maintain safety and security for students and staff
behave in a respectful and accountable manner that carries out the duties and requirements of their specific volunteer positions while adhering to the Hingham Public Schools policies and procedures
cooperate timely in completing any necessary legal requirements of specific volunteer positions including but not limited to CORI and SAFIS
seek counsel and support from Hingham Public Schools staff when needed
cooperate with other volunteers, students and all members of the Hingham Public Schools
abide by the Core Beliefs of the Mission of the Hingham Public Schools


I. Statement of Purpose and Compliance

A. This policy is adopted by the Hingham School Committee as required by M.G.L. c. 71§
37H, for purposes of notifying members of the public, students, teachers and other staff of the District’s Standards and Procedures to assure school building security and safety of students and school personnel. This policy is intended to be in accordance with standards for classroom safety adopted by the Board of Education pursuant to M.G.L. c. 69, § 1B which standards are incorporated by reference herein.

II. Standards of Safety and Security

A. The School Committee shall encourage the creation and maintenance of a safe and secure learning environment in every school building. The creation of a safe learning environment will be enhanced by the provision of sufficient resources for safety.

B. Administration, staff and students in each school building shall strive to create an educational environment which is reasonably safe and secure in order to:

1) Facilitate learning and teaching
2) Preserve the physical and mental wellbeing of all lawful occupants of the building
3) Preserve and protect all civil rights and the right of due process
4) Encourage respect for public and personal property