All appointments are approved by the Superintendent.  Principals and Department Directors are appointed by the Superintendent.  Principals, in some cases together with the Department Director, will recommend appointments of all professional and building personnel to the Superintendent and all support staff to the Director of Business and Support Services.  The School Committee will receive written notification of all appointments. School Resource Officers are considered authorized School Personnel and are appointed jointly by the Hingham Police Department and the Principals with the approval of the Superintendent.

Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) checks and a national fingerprint-based Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) check are part of a general background check for all current or prospective HPS employees, and for those individuals who volunteer in the schools or provide contracted services on school grounds, including school related transportation of children, who may have direct and unmonitored contact with children.

CORI checks through the department of criminal justice information services are re-conducted every three years for all employees, and those volunteers and contractors who may have direct and unmonitored contact with children.

CORI and CHRI procedures are in accordance with MGL Chapter 71, Section 38R.  See Procedures 2.1A and 2.1B .

In accordance with MGL C.71, S.67, the school district shall neither employ a member of the immediate family of a superintendent, central office administrator, or school committee member, nor assign a member of the immediate family of the principal as an employee at the principal’s school, unless written notice is given to the School Committee of the proposal to employ or assign such person at least two weeks in advance of such person’s employment or assignment.

A physical examination, including a Mantoux test, may be required as a condition of initial employment with the Hingham Public Schools for employee categories as required by law or as designated by the School Committee.

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