All employees of the Hingham Public Schools are expected to perform their duties with integrity and high standards. All employees are expected to treat students and colleagues with respect and dignity and carry out their assigned duties with the physical, emotional and intellectual well-being of students in mind. See Procedures 2.3A.

The Hingham Public School District is committed to providing all students with a safe learning environment that is free from bullying and cyberbullying. No student shall be subjected to acts of bullying, cyberbullying or retaliation by a staff member as defined under Procedure 2.3B.

Procedures for reporting, safety planning, notification to parents or guardians, investigating and resolving alleged bullying, cyberbullying or retaliation are summarized herein under Procedure 2.3B.

The Bullying Prevention/Intervention Plan is applicable to school staff, including but not limited to, the individuals listed in the “aggressor” definition under Procedure 2.3B. MGL c. 71, 370 as amended by Sections 72-74 of Chapter 38 of the Acts of 2013.

All employees shall refrain from associating with students at any time in a manner which may give the appearance of impropriety. This includes any situation which could be considered sexually suggestive or involve controlled substances such as tobacco, alcohol or drugs.

The use of tobacco, tobacco products and/or alcohol is prohibited in school buildings, on school grounds and on buses.

All employees and contracted service providers are expected to honor regulations relating to confidentiality of student records and other information.

Employees are encouraged to recommend students to appropriate resources when advising or counseling students in areas outside their expertise.
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