Medication (chemical) restraint, mechanical restraint, and seclusion restraint, as defined in 603 CMR 46.02, are prohibited in the Hingham Public Schools. The use of mechanical restraint (a physical device to restrict the movement of a student or the movement or normal function of a party of his or her body) is prohibited unless explicitly authorized by a physician or therapist and approved in writing by the parent/guardian. This prohibition excludes restraints such as car seats and safety belts that are used in automobiles.

Protective or stabilizing devices ordered by physicians shall not be considered mechanical restraints (603 CMR 46.02).

Medication (chemical) restraint shall mean the administration of medication for the purpose of temporarily controlling behavior. Medication prescribed by a physician and authorized by the parent for administration in the school setting is not medication (chemical) restraint.

The use of “time-out” procedures during which a staff member remains nearby and accessible to the student shall not be considered “seclusion restraint.”
2/11/02 // 10/26/15