HPS Policy Manual


Please click here to see the manual in its entirety, which is posted on the Massachusetts Association of School Committees webpage.

Updated Policies

DA – Fiscal Management Goals

DB – Annual Budget

DBC – Budget Deadlines and Schedules

DBD – Budget Development Process

DBG – Budget Adoption Procedures

DBJ – Budget Transfer Authority

DD – Funding Proposals and Applications

DEC- Federal Funds Supplement Not Supplant Policy

DGA – Authorized Signatures

DH – Bonded Employees and Officers

DI – Fiscal Accounting and Reporting

DIB – Revolving Funds

DIE – Audits

DJ- Purchasing

DJA – Purchasing Authority

DJE – Procurement Requirements

DK- Payment Procedures

DKC- Expense Reimbursements

ADDA – Background Checks

BDD – School Committee-Superintendent Relationship

BEDD – Rules of Order

IHBAA – Observations of Special Education Programs

JFABD – Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services

JFABF – Educational Opportunities For Children in Foster Care

JIC – Student Discipline

JJIF – Athletic Concussion Policy

JICFB – Bullying Prevention

IKFB – Diplomas

Policies Under Review

KBE – Relations With Parent Booster Organizations

JJIB – Interscholastic Athletics

JH – Student Absences and Excuses

IJOA – Field Trips