The Hingham School Committee, with assistance from the New England School Development Council (NESDEC), is currently looking for an experienced educator to guide our school district for the future. The search process began in September 2021 with the School Committee intending to make an appointment in January 2022.

Hingham School Committee Announces its Superintendent Selection – Dr. Margaret Adams

Press Release – Hingham Superintendent Selection


January 4, 2021 – Interview Recordings – Dr. Scott Carpenter and Dr. Margaret Adams

Press Release – Hingham’s Superintendent Search Narrows as School Committee Moves Dr. Margaret Adams and Dr. Scott Carpenter Forward

Interview Recordings

Candidate Dr. Margaret Adams: Interview

Candidate Dr. Scott Carpenter: Interview

Candidate Dr. Jennifer Curtis: Interview

Candidate Dr. Andrea Schwamb: Interview


Candidate Dr. Margaret Adams: Resume

Candidate Dr. Scott Carpenter: Resume

Candidate Dr. Jennifer Curtis: Resume

Candidate Dr. Andrea Schwamb: Resume

School Committee Communications

2021 Screening Committee Report and Announcement of Candidates for Consideration

Hingham School Committee Superintendent Search Screening Committee

Successful Candidate Profile – Introduction

Hingham Superintendent Candidate Profile


NESDEC Hingham Position Announcement