Hingham Public Schools Mission Statement

The mission of the Hingham Public Schools is to provide challenging and comprehensive educational programs in a safe and supportive environment, enabling all students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for success as local and global citizens.

Core Beliefs

Fulfillment of Individual Potential

Respect for Self and Others

Civic Responsibility

Commitment to Life-Long Learning

Service to Others

In partnership with families and the community, the HPS strives to develop in students:

  • academic excellence, including content knowledge, communication skills, critical thinking skills, and problem solving capacity
  • habits of physical and emotional well-being, including a spirit of self-worth, resiliency, and adaptability
  • personal responsibility, integrity, and active citizenship
  • responsibility for the environment
  • skillful and responsible use of technology
  • respect for the diverse views and backgrounds of others
  • collaborative engagement as a means of both learning and problem solving
  • intellectual curiosity that motivates future learning
  • creative expression through the fine, performing, and applied arts

5 Pillars of Continuous Improvement in Special Education

  • Pillar I: Programmatic Assessment, Development, and Improvement
  • Pillar II: Professional Development
  • Pillar III: Community Outreach and Family Engagement
  • Pillar IV: Strategic Partnerships
  • Pillar V: Research and Development

Pillar I: Programmatic Assessment, Development, and Improvement

Ongoing review of programs offered in Hingham Public Schools and, where needed, implement reform to ensure alignment with department and district goals.

  • Revise and Publish HPS Special Education Procedures Manual
  • Paraeducators (assignment, use, training)
  • IEP writing
  • Provision of Support to students with Emotional/Behavioral challenges (e.g., role of School Adjustment Counselors)
  • Intensive Skills Programs

Pillar II: Professional Development

Develop and implement a multi-year professional development plan, aligned with the HPS Professional Development Plan, to ensure continuity of programs, services, and core instructional methods.

  • Training on revised Procedural Policies and Practices
  • Instruction: Long Term; Evidence-Based Practices
  • New Special Education Teacher Induction: “Boot Camp”
  • Mentoring Program
  • Regular Education: Inclusive Practices, Curriculum Access, Grading
  • Middle School Focus Group: Quality of T&L, Course Offerings

Pillar III: Community Outreach and Family Engagement

Work to sustain collaborative relationships with community organizations/institutions and launch a focused plan to increase family engagement in the Special Education process.

  • Student Services Website
  • Community Presentations
  • SNAP

Pillar IV: Strategic Partnerships

Work to strengthen collaborative partnerships with local, state, and national organizations/institutions to enable strategic partnerships and targeted support.

  • Hingham Public Schools Tiered Systems of Support (HTSS)
  • University and Colleges
  • Organizations
  • Schools

Pillar V: Research and Development

Establish an internal procedure to research and develop evidenced-based practices focused on improving student performance and outcomes.

  • Paraeducators
  • General Benchmarking & Curriculum Assessments
  • Academic Tiered Systems of Academic Support
  • Specialized Reading Instruction
  • Secondary: Level IV Classrooms

2016-2017 Focus Areas


  • Strengthen Intensive Skills Program PK-12+
  • Emotional/behavioral support
  • Targeted IEP improvement


  • Readying for self-study 2017
  • Program and procedures manual
  • Website


  • Ongoing work with families and students around transitions
  • Ongoing parental feedback regarding the special education and team process
  • Budget