Hingham Public Schools Recovery Response Advisory Committee

The HPS Recovery Response Advisory Committee (RRAC) is a team of more than 100 community members, including Central Office administration, members of our district administrative leadership team, school committee members, educators, parents, and representatives of various municipal organizations including the Board of Health, police and fire departments, and town management.

  • The purpose of the RRAC is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Superintendent on all matters related to the reopening of Hingham Public Schools and to obtain input from key stakeholders.
  • The RRAC is comprised of five subcommittees, each of which will problem solve different focus areas of reopening logistics.
  • Please see below for a complete list of RRAC members. Many thanks to the parents and educators who have volunteered to support this important work.

Click here to see RRAC Membership and Subcommittee Membership

District Reopening Plan

Reopening Update presented at 9/9/2020 School Committee Meeting

Please note that the attached 2020-2021 school reopening plan is an initial draft, and is subject to change based on updated guidance from DESE, local health metrics, impact bargaining, and other factors.

Click here to see the HPS District Reopening Plan (2020-2021)