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PickUp Patrol Roll Out to Parents & Caregivers

Check your email for the signup link, which expires in 24 hours! East School is rolling out the new, voluntary online dismissal program, PickUp Patrol, this week! Parents and caregivers should have received an email directly from PickUp Patrol this morning to create a log in. Note this signup link expires in 24 hours so if you’d like to try the program, please sign up today!*If your link does expire, you will be able to get another link sent to you later on. More Information from East School Here
Directions to add to your phone’s home screen. PickUp Patrol’s app for parents and caregivers is not downloaded from an app store. Instead, add to your phone’s home screen for easy access. For instructions on how to do this for your particular phone, click the button below.*Please be advised that this will only work if you have already created your account using the secure link emailed to you this morning. Directions to add to your phone Home Screen Here