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August 16, 2020
As we hit the home stretch of summer…

1. I wanted to share a few photos to give you a sense of how our classrooms look at this point. To begin with, many student desks have been relocated in order to allow for appropriate social distancing. With students seated in a diagonal checkerboard pattern, leaving every-other desk empty, we can allow six feet of space between all students. Teachers can alternate the seating pattern each period so that each individual desk remains empty during alternating periods.

Some tables and other items have been moved to the cafeteria to clear space in classrooms but you should not find that any of your teaching materials or personal belongings have been moved. The extra desks have also been relocated to the cafeteria for now but they might eventually be moved elsewhere so we can make better use of that space:

2. Also to be found in the cafeteria right now is evidence of the full attention being given to proper air circulation. Many air filters have already been replaced. The remaining stacks of filters below will soon find new homes in your classrooms.

3. Our custodial crew has been working overtime throughout the summer to prepare the school for some occupancy. Whenever you make your return to school, you won’t have to go far to be convinced of their efforts. 

 4. I’m sure you have many other questions about the steps we’re taking to prepare for a school year that will be like no other.  Feel free to reach out to me directly via email or drop into my next virtual office hour on Wednesday at 8 AM:

5. Finally, if you haven’t yet had a chance to reply to the survey I sent two weeks ago, I hope you’ll consider doing so now.  As I finalize my own goals for the year ahead, your feedback can be very helpful.  If you’re willing to contribute, please click this link and take a moment to share your views. The survey will remain open through Friday, August 21st. Your participation is completely voluntary and all responses will be totally anonymous.

Wishing you plenty of relaxation and fun during these last two weeks of summer…

Rick Swanson

Hingham High School