Guiding Principals

Grade 7

In an activity-learning format, students are introduced to the fundamentals of oral communication skills and dramatic performance. Throughout the course, students work in an atmosphere designed to encourage self-confidence and personal growth through creative thinking, improvisation, and group interaction. Students perform a teacher-assigned scene from dramatic literature, learn the fundamentals of pantomime, develop beginning improvisational techniques, and write and perform a puppet show on a teacher-approved topic.

Grade 8

In an activity-learning format, students gain experience in the practical application of fundamental speech and drama skills in a variety of production experiences. A primary activity in this course is public performance; each student is expected to perform before an audience. Students create and perform sketches, write and execute an old-fashioned radio show with sound effects, produce a short film project, perform a teacher-assigned scene from dramatic literature, and participate in the production of a one-act play chosen by the teacher.

Grades 9-12

Students will play physical and mind-bending games to stretch their creative talents – or maybe find them. Through improvisation and other methods, students will develop quick-thinking, character development, comic timing, and team work – and have a great time doing it. Students will also have the opportunity to learn basic set building/painting while helping create the sets for their own production and those of the drama club.

Maureen Fish

Hingham Middle School Drama Teacher

Joann Bellis

Fine Arts Director