Students Using Chromebooks, Smartphones, and Calculators

Access to a personal computer, Chromebook, or other device with a keyboard that can accompany the student to school is expected, as school-owned devices will not be assigned to individual students as is the case at the Middle School.

Our research indicates that most HHS students do have access to their own personal computing device such as a laptop, iPad, or Chromebook; so BYOD is a feasible philosophy.

Currently almost any commonly used personal device that a student may own, regardless of platform, can access the internet through the school network and at home. Much of the work that students will be doing at the High School is cloud-based, including Google and Microsoft Office365, both of which HPS students have license to use free on any of the devices.

There is no need to purchase a new device unless a parent chooses to do that; just remember that we do not recommend a particular platform and that students will have access to Google apps and Microsoft Office 365 regardless of their preference of device.

If there are financial concerns about student access to a personal device, we can help.


Borrowing a Chromebook loaner for the coming school year. We will need a letter indicating the financial need. It should go to the student’s Counselor; information will remain confidential. Such a loaner will remain the property of the Hingham Public Schools.

If they don’t own one already, students will be encouraged to purchase a graphing calculator for use throughout the sequence of High School math courses.

Math teachers have information as to the recommended or most aligned (with the math curriculum) model.

As with Chromebooks, loaner graphing calculators will be available for students who need financial assistance. Speak with Math Director Jewett if that is the case.

Uses for BYOD or school devices include:

Note taking and classroom writing,

Project or group work,

Presentations and research,

Storing completed or in progress work, etc. but use typically varies according to the teacher and department.

Most HS teachers do use some sort of classroom management system such as Google Classroom, Edmodo, Schoology, or a Weebly website that students will want to access;

And they may be asked to submit drafts of written work through Google.

Students will be exposed to iPads in most science labs.

There is a regular schedule for foreign language classes to use the Language Lab.

Use of personal devices for learning purposes during class and in study halls is allowed by direction of the teacher.