Hingham Schools has partnered with Microsoft to offer all staff as well as secondary students access to Microsoft’s ‘Office 365’ cloud service offering. Since mail is provided through Google Apps, we did not license our domain to use the online Exchange component of Office 365. Primarily, we expect Office 365 to provide additional (free) storage volume, and to allow HPS users the ability to use the Office 365 web apps to create Office documents on computing devices (like Chromebooks or iPads) that don’t otherwise have a local installation of Office products. Logging into Office 365 is easy – just visit https://portal.microsoftonline.com and in the username field, enter your username and domain (e.g. jsmith@hinghamchools.org):

When you click into the ‘Password’ field, you will be re-directed to the Hingham Schools’ local logon authority to complete the logon (HPS has activated Single-Sign On with Office 365).

From there, you enter the same username and password combination as you would to logon to a school PC.

Once the login process is complete, you will have access to the Office 365 tools – most notably, Sharepoint online (for collaboration should you elect to use it) and OneDrive (formerly called SkyDrive).
The first time you connect, the system will spend about 2 minutes getting the environment prepared. Afterward, you will be clear to use Office 365!