Guiding Principles

All courses in Family & Consumer Sciences emphasize the fundamentals of green living. Through a broad range of experiences, the department enables students to develop the attitudes, knowledge, and skills needed for responsible and effective management of their lives. Learning these skills empowers students to address change and cope with the challenges of balancing work, family, commitment to community, and self. They also gain practical assistance in making appropriate lifestyle choices. Education in this discipline teaches knowledge and life management skills relating to human growth and development; personal and family relationships; food science and nutrition; personal and family health and safety; management of time, money and green energy; textiles and technology; career exploration; consumer awareness and education. All courses in this department address Student Learning Expectations 1-7 with an emphasis on #3) Communicates effectively and # 4) Identify, analyze, and solve problems.

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Lauren Beischel

Family & Consumer Science Coordinator, K-12