Guiding Principles

The secondary mathematics curriculum in Hingham is designed to fulfill the following general objectives in addition to meeting graduation requirements. The objectives are to help students to

  • Prepare for future formal study in mathematics and related fields
  • Acquire the mathematical skills, reasoning ability, and practical knowledge needed to identify, analyze, and solve problems in the world of work, in daily life, and for success on the MCAS and PARCC
  • Develop an appreciation for the role of mathematics in business and in our ever-changing global scientific and technological society
  • Learn and apply mathematics skills and strategies in authentic problem-solving situations and to effectively communicate those applications analytically, numerically, graphically, and verbally.

Helpful Links:

The following are links to documents which parents often request.  You are welcome to contact David Jewett, Director of Mathematics, with specific questions.  His telephone extension at Hingham High School (781-741-1560) is ext 2201 and his e-mail is

David Jewett

Director of Mathematics, K-12

781-741-1560 x2030