Guiding Principles

The science program offers a number of pathways for students to follow during their high school years. The courses in the middle school are designed to provide an introduction to the formal study of science and an understanding of some basic concepts in the areas of the biological, earth, and physical sciences. One of the immediate goals is to help students develop a better understanding of the environment and their place in it.

Middle School

All students at Hingham Middle School pursue an engaging and rigorous course of scientific study through participation in our hands-on, standards-based science program. Grade 6 science classes are heterogeneously grouped (unlevelled); Grades 7 and 8 science classes are leveled, as described in the HMS Program of Studies. Science teachers consider a variety of factors in determining their recommendations, including assessment of a student’s verbal, analytical, quantitative and study skills. Multiple data points are also considered, including science and math course grades, test averages and standardized test scores, when available. Appropriate placement is intended to maximize the ability of each student to be productively engaged and successful.

High School

At the high school level, courses are offered with a number of purposes in mind, beyond meeting graduation requirements. Some of these are general intellectual development, preparation for college-level study in science, preparation for college-level study in science, development of personal interests, and pre-vocational pursuits. Some students will want to elect one of the second-year honors or AP courses that are quite demanding and will require a strong commitment of time and effort.

All science courses reflect the Massachusetts State Science Frameworks. All courses in this department address Student Learning Expectations 1, 2, 3, and 4.

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