All teachers in grades 6-8 are asked to make course level recommendations March. These recommendations reflect the current teacher’s assessment of the most appropriate placement for each student for the next year. Appropriate placement is intended to maximize the ability of each student to be productively engaged, motivated, organized, and successful.

In addition to considering a student’s overall performance in class and on standardized/state assessments, teachers use the following guidelines in making their recommendations:


  • Critical reading and thinking
  • Inferential reasoning
  • Pace, fluency


  • Structure, logic, and development of ideas
  • Mechanics
  • Expression


  • Verbal articulation of ideas
  • Analysis/synthesis of ideas

Level 2: Excellent ability; demonstrates independence in the above areas.

Level 3: Above average to average ability; needs some support in the above areas.

Level 4: Average to below average; needs ongoing support in the above areas.

Descriptions of each course at each level may be found in the current Program of Studies.

Parents with questions about a particular recommendation should contact their child’s English teacher.