All students at Hingham Middle School pursue an engaging and rigorous course of scientific study through participation in our hands-on, standards-based science program. Grade 6 science classes are heterogeneously grouped (unlevelled); Grades 7 and 8 science classes are leveled, as described in the HMS Program of Studies. Science teachers consider a variety of factors in determining their recommendations, including assessment of a student’s verbal, analytical, quantitative and study skills. Multiple data points are also considered, including science and math course grades, test averages and standardized test scores, when available. Appropriate placement is intended to maximize the ability of each student to be productively engaged and successful.

Criteria for Success

Verbal/ Analytical Skills

  • Ability to read, interpret and analyze complex informational science text.
  • Ability to decode and master complex scientific vocabulary.
  • Ability to write lab reports and science essays with appropriate structure, logic, and coherence.
  • Ability to coherently articulate scientific principles and processes in class discussion.

Quantitative Skills

  • Ability to generate tables and graphs from experimental data.
  • Ability to interpret and articulate trends in scientific data sets.
  • Ability to manipulate equations ( e.g.- chemical equations; motion equations).
  • Ability to apply mathematical skills to “real world” science case studies (e.g.-Punnett Squares).

Study Skills/Motivation

  • Student is self-motivated and takes ownership of learning.
  • Student independently organizes class materials, maintains agenda book of assignments, and exercises appropriate time management.
  • Projects and homework are completed thoroughly and promptly, without reminders.
  • Student studies effectively for tests, independently identifies areas of confusion, and seeks help without prompting.

Level 2 Advanced – Student independently meets all criteria.

Level 3 Upper Standard – Student meets criteria with some support.

Level 4 Standard – Student requires significant support to meet criteria.