Hingham Middle School administration and faculty recognize the importance of parent/school communication, but, at the same time, also recognize that excessive parent conferences can minimize attention given to students. The following avenues of communication are available:

  1. communication using the Agenda Book
  2. written communication to the teacher
  3. e-mail communication, as available
  4. telephone communication
  5. individual/Team conferences

Parents should feel free to call the school office to arrange a specific conference with a teacher or team if necessary. Successful conferences should happen when the following occur.

  1. Parent/teacher conferences are collaborative endeavors that should focus on the needs and the progress/development of the student. Please share with teachers important information that may affect student performance.
  2. Parents and teachers should be prepared to listen to the other’s perspective, to ask questions, and to share concerns. By the end of the conference, the parties should have discussed and developed next steps, including plans for any future communication that may be needed.
  3. When conferences involve specific issues of concern, it is important to focus first on identifying the problem and then on solving it together.

When a resolution of a concern is needed, the following process should prove helpful:

  • In most cases of concern about a classroom situation, parents should communicate directly with the teacher or specialist involved.
  • General questions or concerns may be most appropriately addressed by the counselor (or SPED chair/liaison).
  • If direct communication with the teacher is not possible, or does not resolve the concern, parents should contact the building principal who may refer some issues to the department director.

Please note: Anonymous concerns or complaints will not be addressed.