Comprehensive Health Curriculum

Our comprehensive health education curriculum, developed by our professional staff under the guidance of the community health education advisory council, has its own goal to continue efforts begun in earlier grades to promote the health and well-being of our students, and to help them make wise and informed decisions during their adolescent years and beyond. To further the accomplishment of this goal, students may periodically be asked to participate in an anonymous survey about student behaviors in the areas of fitness, nutrition, alcohol, drug and tobacco use, violence exposure, and HIV awareness. The purpose of such a survey is to identify areas of concern that should be more fully addressed in the health education curriculum.

Sex education is part of the health education curriculum in grades 7-12, including dating, relationships and communication skills, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, HIVAIDS, sexual harassment, and personal health care issues. Health topics are taught in the grade 6 DARE Program for that level as well. As always, curriculum outlines and materials are available at schools for parent review.

Under Massachusetts law and School Committee policy, you may actively exempt your child from participation in any portion of the curriculum that primarily involves human sexual education or human sexuality issues. To request an exemption, simply send a letter to the school principal requesting an exemption for your child. No student who is exempted from this portion of the curriculum will be penalized.

English Learner Education

Hingham Public Schools adheres to all Massachusetts Department of Education requirements for English Learner Education programs. Upon student enrollment, a home language survey is completed for every student. If a child does not speak English or comes from a home in which English is a second language, the student is referred to the English Learner Education teacher who accepts referral for evaluation from the principal and/or the Director of Student Services. The Director of Student Services oversees the school district’s English Learner Education program. Upon assessment and determination of eligibility, eligibility is established and sheltered English Immersion Services and English Language Development instruction is offered to the student as necessary.

Examinations / Finals

Students in grades seven and eight take final exams in all core subjects. Students who must miss final exams will not be allowed to take these exams before the scheduled times. These exams will be made up after the student returns.