Evacuation Drills

Drills at regular intervals are an important safety precaution. It is essential, that, when the first signal is given, everyone will obey orders promptly and leave the building by the prescribed route as quickly as possible. Students shall line up quietly outside the building and attendance will be taken. Students are not to re-enter the building until the Fire Department has declared it safe to do so.

Evacuation Guidelines

System-wide evacuation (for storms or local incidents). This decision would be made at the office of The Superintendent of Schools.

System-wide evacuation (for an eventuality that is regional, such as a terrorist threat, power plant incident, etc.) – This decision would likely be made by someone other than school personnel.

At this time, the only alternatives would be to hold students at school until the regular dismissal time (or later if needed),
dismiss all students early using the normal dismissal procedures in a timely manner. Public announcements would be made and notification of working elementary parents would be attempted. There are concerns, however, about whether or not parents could get home to receive students. Parents should have their own neighborhood contingency plans, with backup plans for childcare/supervision. It is important that parents discuss and review such plans with their children. The school system does not have the bus capacity to relocate all students simultaneously and alternate sites for any mass evacuation out of town have not been identified. The school system is not included in the district for which there is a Plymouth Power Plant evacuation plan.

Single building evacuation (such as for fire or problems with heat, power, or plumbing). This decision will be made by the Principal in consultation with the Office of the Superintendent of Schools.

Middle school students would be relocated to the high school by bus and dismissed from there on regular route buses. With an incident within an hour or so of the close of school, an early dismissal routine is likely with the assumption that students of this age could be at home alone for a short time. As an alternative, to dismissal at the school site, students would walk to the Resurrection Church parking lot and be dismissed from there using the regular routes and schedules.