Communication between the school and home is extremely important. This communication may include phone calls, notes, conferences, email and progress reports. Parents can also access student’s grades via the student X2 portal. Student report cards are not mailed home, however, can be accessed through our student portal. An email will be sent when information is available. Instructions for accessing report cards and progress reports can be found on our school website.

A progress report is a short term strategy to monitor a student’s academic progress. Parental intervention is a primary component to effect change. Progress reports may also be requested by parents according to the following schedule and guidelines.

1. Reserved for students achieving below a B- academically between October 1st and May 15th of the school year for a four consecutive week interval once per semester (half year)

2. It is a student’s responsibility to procure the report from the teacher weekly on Fridays and return it to the teacher by the following Wednesday or the process will be discontinued.

3. Advanced classes require independent learning and self directed study.