Permission from a staff member must be obtained to use the phones during school hours. The office phone may not be used by students until after 2:05 p.m.

Use of Cell Phones and Other Portable Electronic Equipment

During the instructional day, the use of cell phones and other portable electronic equipment is not allowed as it causes a disruption to the learning environment. While we recognize the importance of the use of cell phones for families to stay in contact with each other, we request that the office phones be used instead.

Cell phones/portable electronic equipment must be turned off during the school day including lunch time. These devices cannot be used during the school day for any purpose (including, but not limited to, checking the time, text messaging, photographing, etc.)

Cell phones/portable electronic equipment in use during the school day will be confiscated by staff. Confiscated cell phones may only be picked up in the Main Office at the end of the school day by a parent or guardian. Students who use cell phones/portable electronic equipment during the school day will be subject to discipline.

Parents who wish to contact their child during the instructional day in emergency situations may do so by calling the school.