January 23, 2014

School Department Conference Room

7:00 p.m.


1.    To review format and timeline for the budget development process for FY ’15. – Ray

2.    To receive updated information from the administration about operating budget needs for FY ’15. – Dot

3.    To continue review of budget proposals for FY ’15 operating budget.

Function 2410 Instructional Equipment    Function 4220 Plant Maintenance
Function 3300 Transportation    Function 4230 Repairs of Equipment
Function 3510 Athletics    Function 7000 Non-Instructional Equipment
Function 3520 Other Student Activity
Function 4110 Custodial
Function 4120 Heating of Buildings
Function 4130 Utilities    Function 2100B, 2300B, 2350B, 2400B,  2700B, 2800B, 3300B, 9100B  Special Education
Function 3300E, 9100E Vocational Education
Function  Other Allowance
Function 4210 Maintenance of Grounds

4.    To discuss next steps in the budget process and planning for the 1/25/14 Work Session with the Advisory Committee, the 2/6/14 Joint Session with the Board of Selectmen and the Advisory Committee, and other meetings as needed.

5.    To discuss other items that may not reasonably be known within 48 hours of the meeting.