January 27, 2014

7:30 p.m.

School Department Conference Room

Revised 1/23/14

1.    Call to order.

2.    Approval of Minutes.
2.1    Minutes of the School Committee Budget Meeting held on January 9, 2014
2.2    Minutes of the School Committee/Advisory Committee Joint Meeting held on
January 14, 2014.

3.    Student Communications.

4.    Communications.

5.    Questions and Comments.
Audience comments are always welcome as agenda items are discussed.  In addition, the School Committee has set aside fifteen minutes on this Agenda to enable members of the audience to raise questions and make comments on any matter of general concern that is not on the agenda.      To facilitate this process, interested speakers are asked to provide the Superintendent or School Committee Chair with the nature of the question/comment, in writing, prior to the start of the meeting.

6.    Superintendent’s Report.
6.1    To receive an update on the Special Education Funding Working Group’s Warrant Article process

7.    Unfinished Business.
7.1    To revisit the discussion of the Massachusetts School building Authority’s Statement of Interest process for 2014 and take action, as appropriate.

8.    New Business.
8.1    To receive the proposed Secondary Program of Studies for 2014 – 2015.

8.2    To hear the second quarter financial update for FY 2014.

8.3    To discuss disposition of the Middle School modular classroom unit and take action, as appropriate.

8.4    To receive notification of the appointment of Pamela King as Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and School Committee Secretary, effective January 6, 2014.

8.5    To receive notification of the appointment of Nancy Cronin as Central Office Administrative Assistant, effective January 13, 2014.

8.6    To receive notification of the resignation for the purpose of retirement of Diane Hallisey, Library/Media Specialist at Plymouth River, effective at the end of the school year.

8.7    To receive notification of the resignation for purpose of retirement of Barbara Berlucchi, a science teacher at the high school, effective June 30, 2014.

8.8     To receive notification of the following advancements on the salary scale effective February 1, 2014: Heather Benner, M15, Step 7; Timothy Ciolkosz, B15, Step 4; Monica Hebert, B15, Step 5; Tania Manning, M60, Step 4; Paula McQuaid, M30, Step 14; Shevawn Rollins, M, Step 6; Jill Rowley, M30, Step 8; Robert Weiss, M60, Step 14; and Judith Wilson, M15, Step 14.

8.9    To receive information regarding a field trip of the high school Latin Club to Italy and Greece on April 16-26, 2014.

9.    Other items as may not reasonably be known 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

10.    Subcommittee Reports.

11.    Executive Session.

12.    Adjournment.

NEXT SCHOOL COMMITTEE MEETING – February 10, 2014 at 7:30 P.M. in the School Department Conference Room