November 4, 2013


7:30 p.m.

1.    Call to order.

2.    Approval of Minutes.

2.1    Planning Meeting of October 20, 2013.
2.2    Regular Session of October 21, 2013.
2.3    Executive Session of October 21, 2013.

3.    Student Communications.

4.    Communications.

4.1    To hear a report from Foster School.

5.    Questions and Comments.

Audience comments are always welcome as agenda items are discussed.  In addition, the School Committee has set aside fifteen minutes on this Agenda to enable members of the audience to raise questions and make comments on any matter of general concern that is not on the agenda.   facilitate this process, interested speakers are asked to provide the Superintendent or School Committee Chair with the nature of the question/comment, in writing, prior to the start of the meeting.

6.    New Business.

6.1    To receive information about a draft of a revised Financial Policy for the Town of Hingham.

6.2    To act on a proposed MOA between the School Committee and the HEA, Unit B (paraeducators) for 2013-2014.

6.3    To hear the CAT/Terra Nova Report for the 2012-2013 testing.

6.4    To review and act on FY ’15 School Budget Guidelines and Assumptions, as proposed by the Superintendent of Schools.

6.5    To act on the acceptance of equipment for the rowing program (as per School Committee Policy 1.7 and Procedures 1.7A).

6.6    To act on a proposed MASC resolution related to the implementation of PARCC  (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College & Careers).

6.7    To receive and act on proposed Superintendent Goals for 2013-2014 and to adopt an annual evaluation cycle that would run from October of one year through September of the following year.

6.8    To hear an update on the High School Fields Project.

6.9    To receive notification of the resignation for the purpose of retirement of Linda Hanley, a music teacher at the middle school, East, Plymouth River, and South, effective February 28, 2014.

6.10    To receive notification of the resignation for the purpose of retirement of Marion Garvin, Transportation Supervisor, effective March 31, 2014.

6.11    To receive notification of the appointment of Maura O’Connor as a School Psychologist at Hingham Middle School, effective November 4, 2013.

7.    Other items as may not reasonably be known 48 hours in advance of the meeting.

8.    Subcommittee Reports.

9.    Superintendent’s Report.

10.    Executive Session.

11.    Adjournment.