January 27, 2014


1.    Call to Order The meeting was called to order by Ray Estes at 7:35 p.m.

Members Present: Ray Estes, Carol Falvey, Dennis Friedman, Paul Gannon, Liza O’Reilly, Ed Schreier and Andy Shafter

Central Office Present:    Dorothy Galo, Ellen Keane, Elizabeth Flynn, and John Ferris

Visitors Present:  Pat Velie, Alec Porter, James Rossano, Paula Girouard McCann, Irma Lauter, Laura Marwill

2.    Approval of Minutes
2.1    On a motion by Dennis Friedman and seconded by Carol Falvey,

It was
Voted:    To approve the Minutes of the School Committee Meeting held on January 9, 2014.

2.2    On a motion by Carol Falvey and seconded by Paul Gannon,

It was
Voted:    To approve the Minutes of the School Committee/Advisory Committee Joint meeting held on January 14, 2014.

3.    Student Communications.
James Rossano reported on the start of Term III, Jeans for Teens drive, Quiz Bowl, new state track record set in the 300m by Andrew Bolze who is third in the nation, basketball game and girls hockey.
4.    Communications. None

5.    Questions and Comments. None

6.    Superintendent’s Report.
Dr. Galo reviewed two articles: “Learning in the Cloud with Google Chromebooks” and “Q & A with Diane Ravitch.”  She also spoke on the Suburban Coalition Update and School Board Member Survey.

6.1    Dr. Galo and Ed Schreier provided an update on the Special Education Funding Working Group’s warrant article process and possible wording of the warrant article for the Town Meeting, which would replace the “placeholder” wording previously submitted.

7.    Unfinished Business.
7.1    Ray Estes reviewed the MSBA SOI process for 2014 and summarized the discussion that took place at the January 13, 2014 School Committee meeting regarding the possibility of submitting SOI’s for window projects for either or both Foster School and Plymouth River School.

School Committee questions and comments:  Submitting SOI for PRS window project vs SOI’s for both PRS and Foster window projects vs. not submitting SOI’s for either project, timing of submitting SOI’s given recent HMS building and HHS field projects, possibility of doing projects utilizing Town funds, feasibility studies required for SOI application, estimated cost and timelines of window projects.

On a motion by Dennis Friedman and seconded by Liza O’Reilly,

It was
Voted:    Not to apply for any SOI’s this year and to consider again next year.
Ray Estes, Carol Falvey, Ed Schreier, Paul Gannon and Liza O’Reilly voted in favor
Dennis Friedman and Andy Shafter voted against.

8.    New Business.
8.1    The School Committee received the proposed Secondary Program of Studies for 2014 – 2015 as presented by Ellen Keane.  Ray Estes requested including the grade 6 course information in Secondary Program of Studies for 2015 – 2016.

School Committee questions and comments:  New course requirements for classes of 2016 and 2017 for admission to any Massachusetts state college or university, increasing communication with grade 6 parents regarding criteria for teacher recommendations for course levels for grade 7 and advanced math course sequences beginning in grade 7, revision of social studies introduction to reflect current AP U.S. History, possible future revision of HHS course Computer Applications due to planned Middle School technology programs.

8.2    John Ferris reviewed his “best estimates” of the FY14 budget status with a projection for end of the year variances (positive variance).  He expects the Town to accept the phone system bid soon although there is a possibility it will need to be re-bid.  Once the bid has been awarded, plans will be made to expedite the replacement of the South Elementary School phone system which has been failing.

8.3    Ray Estes reviewed the construction timeline for the demolition phase of the Middle School project and steps to be taken for removal of modular classroom units and exploration of options to date.  It appears that Vanguard is willing to remove the modulars at no charge to sell on the secondary market.

8.4    The committee received notification of the appointment of Pamela King as Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and School Committee Secretary, effective January 6, 2014.

8.5    The committee received notification of the appointment of Nancy Cronin as Central Office Administrative Assistant, effective January 13, 2014.

8.6    The committee received notification of the resignation for the purpose of retirement of Diane Hallisey, Library/Media Specialist at Plymouth River, effective at the end of the school year.

8.7    The committee received notification of the resignation for purpose of retirement of Barbara Berlucchi, a science teacher at the high school, effective June 30, 2014.

8.8     The committee received notification of the following advancements on the salary scale effective February 1, 2014: Heather Benner, M15, Step 7; Timothy Ciolkosz, B15, Step 4; Monica Hebert, B15, Step 5; Tania Manning, M60, Step 4; Paula McQuaid, M30, Step 14; Shevawn Rollins, M30, Step 6; Jill Rowley, M30, Step 8; Robert Weiss, M60, Step 14; and Judith Wilson, M15, Step 14.

8.9    The committee received information regarding a field trip of the high school Latin Club to Italy and Greece on April 16-26, 2014.

On a motion by Carol Falvey and seconded by Paul Gannon,

It was
Voted:    To approve payment of the following invoices for:
Gale Associates Inc
PARE Corporation
PARE Corporation    $       12.00
$     292.50
$  3,914.52
9.    Other items as may not reasonably be known 48 hours in advance of the meeting.  None

Consensus was reached to change the School Committee meeting scheduled for April 7, 2014 to April 16, 2014 if League of Women Voters candidate night is not scheduled for April 16, 2014.

10.    Subcommittee Reports.
Community Outreach – Carol Falvey reported that the committee is working on scheduling the dedication of the new high school fields.
Long Range Planning – Priorities will  be developed for our Capital Outlay request.

11.    Executive Session.
On a motion by Andy Shafter and seconded by Paul Gannon,

It was
Voted:    To adjourn to Executive Session, not to return to General Session, at 9:30 p.m. to discuss specific topics/strategies for upcoming collective bargaining with the Hingham Education Association, Unit A.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Dennis Friedman, Secretary