November 4, 2013

Regular Session

1.    Call to Order.

The meeting was called to order by Ray Estes at 7:33 p.m. at Foster School.

Members Present:    Ray Estes, Carol Falvey, Dennis Friedman, Paul Gannon, Liza O’Reilly, Ed Schreier, and Andy Shafter

Central Office Present:     Dorothy Galo, Ellen Keane, Elizabeth Flynn, and John Ferris

Visitors Present:    Debbie Stellar, Derek Smith, Jen Newell, Alec Porter, Kathy Jordan, Barbara Granahan, Helaine Silva, James Rossano, Linda Kaczor, Mike Barclay, Mary Power, Irma Lauter, Laura Marwill, Valernie Robin, Carol Meyer of the Hingham Journal

2.    Approval of Minutes.

2.1  Approval of the Planning Meeting minutes from October 20, 2013 were delayed until our next meeting.

2.2  On a motion by Carol Falvey and seconded by Paul Gannon,

It was
Voted:    To accept the Minutes of the Regular Session of October 21, 2013 as revised.  Carol, Paul, Ed and Ray voted yes.  Liza and Andy voted no.  Dennis abstained.

2.3    On a motion by Ed Schreier and seconded by Carol Falvey,

It was
Voted:    To approve the Minutes of the Executive Session of October 21, 2013.

3.    Student Communications.  James Rossano reported on: boys soccer, crew, musical “Mystery of Edwin Drood” November 21-23 and presented photos of HHS activities including Halloween costumes, “senior” dance sponsored by Student Council.

4.    Communications.

4.1     The Committee heard a report from Foster School.  Debbie Stellar, Principal, reviewed a PowerPoint overview “Laughter & Learning” including motto “Be kinder than necessary”, results of improvement goals from 2012-2013, highlights of goal focus for 2013-2014, student, staff, parent and community collaboration, Laughter & Learning celebrations in September & October, and those planned for rest of the year.  Ray thanked Debbie.

5.    Questions and Comments.  None

6.    New Business.

6.1    The Committee received information about a draft of a revised Financial Policy for the Town of Hingham.  Mike Barclay, Financial Policy Subcommittee Chair, reviewed the history of the Town Financial Policy from 2010, the process followed to write the 2013 draft, and the redlined revisions.  The Advisory Board will vote on the Policy on November 19th.  Ray thanked Mike.

6.2    Ray reviewed the proposed Memorandum of Agreement between the School Committee and the HEA, Unit B (Paraeducators).  Selectman Irma Lauter thanked Dot for information about the MOA process.

On a motion by Dennis Friedman and seconded by Ed Schreier,

It was
Voted:    To conditionally approve the Memorandum of Agreement between the School Committee and the HEA, Unit B (Paraeductors), pending ratification by the HEA, Unit B membership.

6.3    The Committee heard the CAT/Terra Nova Report for the 2012-2013 school year.  Ellen Keane, Assistant Superintendent, reviewed a PowerPoint overview of the CAT and InView results for grade 6 students (currently grade 7).  Grade 6 CAT results show continued strong achievement and aptitude scores (reading 80th percentile, language 79th percentile, math 89th percentile).  School Committee questions/comments:  Statistically significant increase in math scores since 2009  implementation of Every Day Math, math facts initiative and ongoing PD for all teachers; social studies (one score in error).  Dot Galo reviewed the history of CAT tests and scores, explaining how these tests adds norm-based comparison data from a national sample, and used for eligibility for enrichment programs such as Johns Hopkins.  Ray thanked Ellen.

6.4    Dot Galo reviewed the FY ’15 Draft of School Budget Guidelines.  School Committee questions/comments:  Change to “Guiding Principles for School Committee Adopted Budget.”

On a motion by Dennis Friedman and seconded by Carol Falvey,

It was
Voted:    To accept the content of the draft FY ’15 School Budget Guidelines, subject to suggested revisions.

Dot reviewed the FY ’15 draft of School Budget Assumptions.  School Committee questions/comments:  first assumption
similar to guiding principle, keep in both.

On a motion by Dennis Friedman and seconded by Carol Falvey,

It was
Voted:    To accept the content of the FY ’15 School Budget Assumptions, subject to suggested revisions.

6.5    John Ferris reviewed donations of HHS Rowing Association of seven boats and proposed acceptance by School Committee for insurance purposes.

On a motion by Dennis Friedman and seconded by Paul Gannon,

It was
Voted:    To accept seven boats for the Rowing Program from the HHS Rowing Association (as per School Committee Policy 1.7 and Procedures 1.7A).

6.6    Liza O’Reilly reviewed a proposed MASC resolution to delay the implementation of PARCC.

School Committee questions/comments:  PARCC implementation timetable, need for more concrete timetable for proposed delay, need for Liza to have flexibility to vote.

On a motion by Liza O’Reilly and seconded by Ray Estes,

It was
Voted:    That the Hingham School Committee supports a MASC resolution that requests that the Massachusetts State Board of Education allows sufficient time for educators to prepare students for the new testing system, for districts to secure the adequate technology to administer the program, and evaluate the PARCC Field Tests before making a final decision on implementing the PARCC program.

6.7    Dot Galo reviewed the DESE requirements for the annual Superintendent evaluation cycle and timetable.  Superintendent Evaluation Implementation Guide available in School Committee Dropbox.  She reviewed the required Student Learning goal, Professional Practice goal and four District Improvement goals.  School Committee questions/comments:  there was general agreement with goals, additional action steps requested for Extended Kindergarten goal, additional detail suggested for Technology goal, transition planning in public sector – suggestion for “Manpower Plan,” importance of Educator Evaluation goal, difference between goals vs. administrative tasks.  Additional suggestions included expanded use of website, possibility of establishing SC goals, continued focus on HHS counseling department, and finance issues in regrad to Food Service.  No vote was taken.

6.8    The Committee heard an update on the High School Fields Project.  Ray reported on the following:  RAD finishing site work and punch list has been created, continued work on concession building, sound system work and improvement, light on flag pole, elimination of concession building exterior painting, change to slab and foundation, current project gap ($28,986), donation progress – collected $840,125.  School Committee questions/comments:  letters of credit timetable.

On a motion by Carol Falvey and seconded by Ray Estes,

It was
Voted:    To approve the following invoices:  Gale Associates $2,197.63; Gale Associates $6,906.25; Pare Corporation $11,607.71; RAD Corp. $913,146.84.

6.9    The Committee received notification of the resignation for the purpose of retirement of Linda Hanley, a music teacher at the middle school, East, Plymouth River, and South, effective February 28, 2014.

6.10    The Committee received notification of the resignation for the purpose of retirement of Marion Garvin, Transportation Supervisor, effective March 31, 2014.

6.11    The Committee received notification of the appointment of Maura O’Connor as a School Psychologist at Hingham Middle School, effective November 4, 2013.

7.    Other Items Not Reasonably Known 48 Hours in Advance.  None

8.    Subcommittee Reports.

Community Outreach:  Ed requested input for suggestions to expand Continuing Education offerings.
Policy:  Andy reported on signage decisions and noted the next meeting November 14, 2013.
Long Range Planning:  Dennis noted next meeting November 7, 2013.
School Building Committee:  Ray noted that building is 75% complete (running 2-3 months ahead of schedule) and reviewed timetable for technology decisions for HMS.

9.  Superintendent’s Report.

1)    HHS Newsletter – Massachusetts Recycle Award Finalist – winner announced tomorrow (HHS won first place), AP and National Merit Awards winners,.
2)    Friends of SADD Group meeting November 6 at HHS, Room 103 at 7:00 p.m.: Asset Survey results and information on “Molly” drug.
3)    Core Subject 2013-2014 HMS & HHS class sizes of 25+ for core subjects – HMS – 2012-2013 – 29.6%, 25+; 2013-2014 – 12.7%, 25+; HHS 2012-2013 23.7%, 25+ and 2013-2014 19.9%, 25+
4)    Fourth X2 email sent out including parent technology survey – 432 responses since Friday.
5)    Boston Globe West article “High-tech gear in schools offers a lesson in economics” has been placed in Dropbox for all to review.

10. Executive Session.  None

11. Adjournment.

On a motion by Carol Falvey and seconded by Liza O’Reilly,

It was
Voted:    To adjourn the School Committee meeting a 10:25 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted by:
Dennis Friedman, Secretary