May 13, 2013

Regular Session

The meeting was called to order by Ray Estes, at 7:33 p.m. in the School Department Conference Room.

Members Present:    Ray Estes, Carol M. Falvey, Dennis Friedman, Andy Shafter, Edward Schreier, Paul Gannon, and Liza O’Reilly

Central Office Present: Dot Galo, Ellen Keane, John Ferris, Elizabeth Flynn

Visitors Present:    Alec Porter, Roger Boddie, Derek Smith, David Jewett, Leon Merian, Rob Delmonico, Derek Delmonico, Edward Quinlan, Greg Read, Bob Brait, Hugh Gorman, Warren Pelissier, Sandy Rand, Brenda Black, Janice McPhillips, and Bill Seymour

On a motion by Ed Schreier and seconded by Liza O’Reilly,

It was
Voted:    To approve the Minutes of the Regular Session of May 6, 2013.

Old Business

6.1    Dennis Friedman was elected Secretary.  Ray Estes, Carol M. Falvey, Dennis Friedman, and Paul Gannon voted for Dennis.  Andy Shafter, Ed Schreier, and Liza O’Reilly voted for Andy.

New Business

7.1    The Committee received the 2013-2014 Subcommittee Assignments.

7.2    Dot Galo introduced the Middle School Principal, Derek Smith.  Andy Shafter stated support for an outside search process for principal vacancies.  Dot also introduced David Jewett as the new Math Department Director.  Both gentlemen were congratulated on their new positions.  It was noted that more announcements will be forthcoming, and that we will be hiring approximately 30 people this summer.

7.3    The Committee heard an update report from the Special Education Working Group.  Dot reviewed the charge and membership of the Working Group.  Dennis Friedman and Paul Gannon provided a review and updated report, including funding mechanism and timing of Circuit Breaker and attendance at state hearings for pending legislation related to special education.

7.4    Ray Estes reviewed meetings and hearing to date regarding the High School Fields Project bid awards.  AG’s ruling not issued yet but is expected shortly.  School Committee asked questions/made comments regarding:  site visit to Marshfield HS fields project, information on sub-contractors.  Ray reviewed a memo forwarded to the School Committee regarding Brait’s work on the Marshfield HS fields project.

Bill Seymour, Gale Associates, reviewed planarity issues.  School Committee asked questions/made comments regarding:  laser graded process to ensure planarity, construction of the base, mitigation of planarity issues using roller vs. opening up a seam on the turf, differences in soil composition at Marshfield vs. Hingham, standard carpet warranty of eight years, standard planarity 1/8th inch over 10 foot area, Marshfield project has not yet been completed and signed off as acceptable, review of base before turned over to turf installers, drain freely, dynamically stable over time needed for base project, legal meaning of “responsible and eligible bidder”, role of Gale as designer of fields project, differences between award bid but not execute the contract vs. intent to award, AG’s opinion is only advisory, AG decision on previous case that was distributed is not analogous to our situation.

Audience: Bob Brait, distributed photos of New Natick turf fields showing “crisp lines.”  Bob Delmonico, RAD, warranty for base construction is one year.

Brait Builders, Leon Merian: nature of decision of AG – Brait has completed one field and RAD has completed over 100 fields.

On a motion by Dennis Friedman and seconded by Andy Shafter,

To award the HS Fields Phase 2 bid to Brait Builders Corporation, reserving the right to reconsider if the AG’s decision is contrary to the bid award.  Yes – Liza O’Reilly, Paul Gannon, and Andy Shafter. No – Carol M. Falvey, Ray Estes, Ed Schreier, and Dennis Friedman.  Motion defeated.

On a motion by Dennis Friedman and seconded by Carol M. Falvey,

It was
Voted:    To award the HS Fields Phase 2 bid to RAD, reserving the right to reconsider if the AG’s
decision is contrary to the bid award. Yes – Ed Schreier, Dennis Friedman, Carol M. Falvey,     Ray Estes.  No – Liza O’Reilly and Andy Shafter.  Paul Gannon abstained. Approved, 4 to 2 with 1 abstention.

7.5    The Committee heard updates on the HS Fields Project fundraising efforts.  Warren Pelissier, President, Hingham Sports Partnership, reviewed fundraising from Hingham Sports Partnership and other Hingham citizens, raising additional funds of $115,000 since the last School Committee meeting and additional fundraising pledges.  Private fundraising now totals $855,000.  Ray thanked Warren and other donors.

7.6    School Committee asked questions/made comments regarding the concessions building:  significant value engineering (beyond $10-20,000) without rebidding is not possible, Gale opined that there should be no Planning Board issues unless the footprint becomes larger, time required to rebid (approximately 3-6 week bid period), bid alternates listed in order, additional costs due to delay in concession building rebid (housing electrical in a weatherproof enclosure approx.. $30,000), current bids in force until June 10, 2013.

The Committee discussed project management and oversight plans.  John Ferris reviewed the proposed Project Management cost breakdown of the 2 proposals already received (Senior Project Manager – $40,000, Clerk of the Works – $18,750 and Administrative Tech – $2,700).  Expect third proposal from Pare Engineering tomorrow.  School Committee asked questions/made comments and discussed the inclusion of “not to exceed” language.  John will further research, discuss with Roger Fernandes, check references (particularly familiarity with synthetic turf installations), and present findings to the School Committee.

As was the case with Phase 1 of the fields project, a subgroup of Ray Estes, Andy Shafter, and Ed Schreier was authorized to make time-sensitive decisions as needed to keep the project on schedule.

7.7 The Committee received notification of the resignation for the purpose of retirement of Ellen Mirabile, a grade 5 teacher at East School, effective June 30, 2013.

7.8    The Committee received notification of the resignation for the purpose of retirement of Andrea Payne a special education teacher at Foster School, effective June 30, 2013.

7.9    The Committee received notification of the Alternative Leave of Absence for Jenna Nelson, a special education teacher at Hingham Middle School, for the 2013-2014 school year.

7.10  To receive notification of the resignation of Joseph Zygmunt, a van driver, effective April 30, 2013.

Other Items

Dot Galo reviewed recycling grant proposal sent to School Committee and initiated by Brenda Black and Janice McPhillips and asked questions about sustainability.  Brenda Black reviewed the need for schools to increase recycling of organics/compostable waste via the funding of a recycling coordinator.  School Committee asked questions/made comments regarding:  need to rinse out containers, requirements in the future, current recycling procedures in school, increased demands on custodians.  Ray Estes thanked Brenda.  The Policy Subcommittee will discuss the grant proposal at their next meeting and make recommendations to the School Committee.

Subcommittee Reports.

School Building Committee:  Ray Estes reported we are now 40% complete, reviewed second change order for the Hingham Middle School project, and the recent injury of a workman at the Hingham Middle School site.  The project is back on schedule after some weather-related delays, and is running under budget.

Superintendent’s Report.

1)    Correction of graduation date, May 31, for the 2013-2014 school year.

2)    Letter from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Ex. Office of Health and Human Services regarding implementation of requirements for flavored milk or milk substitutes.

3)    Labor and Employment Alert, May, 2013 – Model Notices on Health Insurance Marketplaces.

4)    Correction to annotated agenda – “elementary assistant principals.”

On a motion by Ed Schreier and seconded by Dennis Friedman,

It was
Voted:    To adjourn the School Committee meeting at 10:33 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Dennis Friedman