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Hingham Public Schools 

COVID-19, or the Coronavirus

Information & Resources for Parents, Guardians, & Other Caregivers 

Adults and children alike have questions about the pandemic, especially because the fast-paced nature of the changes we are experiencing is unprecedented.  Having accurate and up-to-date information about the virus is important, so please consult the CDC website for the latest information.

These are some resources you might find helpful in explaining the Coronavirus to members of your family:

District Communications

5-11-2020 Remote Learning Plan (Community) [pdf]

5-11-2020 Remote Learning 2.0–Technology Resources for Families [pdf]

4-29-2020 Student Emotional Health Resources

4-21-20  Community Letter

4-9-20 Community Letter

4- 3-20 Community Letter

Remote Learning Plan Guide for Families

Manual for the Provision of Virtual Special Education Services 

COVID-19 Letter to Community

4-1-20 Special Education Community Letter

4-1-20 Student Emotional Health Resources – Week 3

3-31-20 Community Letter

3-27-20 Community Letter

3-26-2020 Cummunity Letter 

Empowering Kids And Families To Be Safe And Kind Online Program

Stop-Block-Talk – List 

Stop-Block-Talk- Kids

Stop-Block-Talk – Teens

Stop-Block-Talk – Parents/Guardians

3-25-2020 Community Letter

3-23-2020 Community Letter

3-23-2020 Student Emotional Health Resources –  Week 2 

3-20- 2020 Community Letter

3-19-2020 Frequently Asked Questions

3-18-2020 Community Letter

3-17-2020 Student Emotional Health Resources – Week 1

3-17-2020 Community Letter

3-16-2020 Community Letter

3-15-2020 Community Letter

3-13-20 Special Education Community Letter

3-13-2020 Learning Engagement Resources

3-13-2020 COVID Closing Letter

3-12-2020 COVID Mitigtion

3-9-2020 Community Letter 

Food Service Meals During School Closure

“Grab and Go” lunches will be available for any Hingham student in need. Meals may be picked-up daily (Monday – Friday) between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. at the picnic tables outside of the Hingham High School Cafeteria. (Please use the 41 Pleasant Street entrance and stay to the right and follow the driveway until you see the cafeteria on your left.)  When you arrive, a school nutrition employee will bring the meal(s) out to your car. Please note that meals must be consumed off-site. If anyone is unable to physically pick-up a meal, please email Kim Smyth, Director of Food Service, at [email protected] who will arrange a drop-off to your home.  

Academic Engagement Activities

Educators across the district will be communicating directly to the students in their classes.  Families should anticipate beginning to hear from their students’ teachers on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 (and every Monday thereafter for the duration of the school closure) with grade level and course-specific resources and activities. The goal of our educators during school closure will be to maintain contact between students and teachers, provide opportunities for engagement, and allow for skill maintenance.  

We understand the desire and requests for a complete move to online education.  However, the Commissioner of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) has instructed all districts across the Commonwealth that the weekly suggested enrichment activities may only be recommendations and that we cannot issue due dates, ask students to turn anything in, or formally assess what is completed.  DESE has made clear that due to issues of equity, we are to pause instruction. Please be assured that we are actively working together as a leadership team to make curriculum-related decisions that will best resume the flow of instruction once school is back in session.

3-18-2020 – Week 1