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The Hingham Public Schools Fine Arts Department presents an 83-student production, The Music Man, coming this December!

Friday, October 14, 2022 – The Hingham Public Schools Fine Arts Department and the Hingham High Drama Program are proud to present The Music Man coming this December. Set in Iowa in July 1912, The Music Man follows traveling salesman (and scoundrel) “Professor” Harold Hill as he cons the people of River City into purchasing musical instruments and band uniforms for their children. His ruse? Getting the kids involved in music will save them from the unspeakable evils of spending their afternoons with too much time on their hands in the downtown pool hall. The problem? He doesn’t know a thing about teaching music! His days as a con artist end when he decides to “face the music”, after falling for the local librarian, Marian. This TONY Award-winning show will open on Thursday, December 1st, 2022 at 7:00 PM in the Hingham Middle School Auditorium. There will be two more evening performances, Friday the 2nd, and Saturday the 3rd, both at 7:00 PM. For the first time, there will also be a matinee performance, on December 4th at 2:00 PM. All four performances will be held in the Hingham Middle School Auditorium. Tickets are available online now:

“THE MUSIC MAN, while it takes place in 1912, is a great fairytale for our 2022 reality. Though Harold Hill is a charlatan, the power of music brings together a divided community, and life in River City takes on a new vitality, with everyone bringing the best of themselves to a common vision for the first time in a long time – or maybe ever! The Arts do just that, every single day – and we have so much happening in the Arts in Hingham right now! Combine that message of “we are better together” with an iconic musical theatre score, about 58 HHS actors and crew members, and 25 HMS students as the kid’s band, and you’ve got a fantastic show that will warm your heart and make you want to march along!” – Mo Fish, Drama Director 

“You won’t want to miss this production! Our wonderful director, Mo Fish, brings passion, heart, and energy to everything she touches. She excels at bringing out the best in students, building a strong community that lifts each other up, and never fails to put on a fantastic show. We hope to see you there!” – Joann Bellis, Fine Arts Director