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Watch TV or a broadcast video from your SMARTboard:
Catalyst Media Center.pdf

Transfer Large Files  using  FTP:
When transferring large files to your website, please use the application Filezilla.  If working from school, I will be happy to install the app for you.  Some tips:
Host Name:
User Name:      twehner   Password: xxx <enter>
Local Site:        will auto fill.
Remote Site:     /prs/teachers/twehner       (example of teacher website folder path)
Next, locate the file you want to upload in the local site, then double click on it.  The file transfer will begin.  When done, disconnect from the server using the X on the taskbar.
Note:   Y drive documents are available through the webdav protocol.

Smartboard Freeze/Mute:
You can have one image on the SMARTboard and another image on your computer.  Use your remote to FREEZE the SMARTboard image.  This comes in handy when you want to show your iod of time (ex: morning announcement or a quiz).   The frozen screen allows you to work on your PC (ex: check email, etc) in private.  Simply press FREEZE again to restore.

You can hide the image on your SMARTboard and still see it on your computer.  Use your remote to MUTE the SMARTboard screen.  The SMARTboard will go dark.  Simply press MUTE again to restore the image to the SMARTboard.  NOTE:  Please don’t forget to power down your projector at the end of each day.

Smartboard Cleaning Tips:
Remove excess dry-erase ink residue with a damp cloth.  Use an alcohol-free household glass cleaner such as Windex, to clean the writing surface.   Do not spray cleaner directly on the surface.  Also, try to use a dry-erase marker cleaner, such as Sanford Expo whiteboard cleaner.  For stubborn stain, use isopropyl alcohol.

To remove permanent marker, use  Sanford Expo whitboard cleaner over the permanent ink stain, allow the solution to dry, then wipe the surface clean with a soft cloth.  Also cover the permanent ink with high-odor dry-erase ink.  While the ink is still wet, wipe the screen with a soft cloth.

Smartboard Beeps:

Converting  files to Notebook Software:

1.  Scan pages and import them into SMART Notebook software:
*You will need a scanner attached to your computer
Launch Notebook software
Choose Insert/Picture from Scanner
Choose SCAN
Choose SCAN again

2.  Convert a PDF file into SMART Notebook
Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader
Choose File/Print
Choose Advanced
Choose Print as image
OK    OK
It may take a few moments but SMART Notebook will open.  You will see each page as a separate slide.

3.  Convert a Powerpoint file into SMART Notebook
Open Notebook
Choose File/Import
Choose the PPT file

4.  Convert Microsoft (Word, Excel, Publisher) file to SMART Notebook
Open Word file
Choose File/Print/Printer Name: SMART Notebook
This file will be saved as a  .notebook file to your desktop
Open SMART Notebook and  choose File/Open/filename

5.  Use Screen Capture to paste a window to SMART Notebook:
Open the file you would like to capture (for example an MS-Word file)
Choose “File/Print Preview” in order to view the document in full-page mode
Click on the Notebook icon on bottom right of your screen
Choose “Other Smart Tools”, then choose “Screen Capture Toolbar”.  A small window will open
Choose the first option, then drag your mouse over the region of interest
Notebook will automatically open with a picture of the file you want to view in Notebook
Be sure to save your Notebook file.

Orienting your Smartboard:
When orienting your SMARTboard, you may find that a finer alignment allows for more precise use.  Here are directions to change the setting from the standard 9 point alignment to 20 point alignment.

  1. Launch Notebook
  2. At the Welcome Screen, choose Control Panel
  3. Choose SMART Hardware Settings
  4. At dropdown menu that reads “Pen and Button Settings, choose “Orientation/Alignment Settings”
  5. Choose the radio button named FINE (20 points)
  6. Choose OK
  7. Choose ORIENT
  8. Press center of target and release

Smartboard Teacher Collaboration Page:
Please add to the HPS website Smartboard Resources to share your Notebook documents with all teachers in the district.  Follow the directions below:

  1. Open  Firefox and go to:      
  2. Choose “Sign in” at the bottom of your screen
  3. User name:  xxx  Password: xxx (see your Technology Specialist for login information)
  4. At the navigation bar, choose the “page” you would like to go to: ex: Elementary Schools
  5. Choose a subpage listed (ex:  4th Grade)
  6. If you would like to add a file to the page,  choose “Add  File”,  then browse for the file, then choose “Upload”. 
  7. If you would like to add new page, choose the +plus icon at the top right of your screen, input a new page name at the prompt: “Name your Page”, then choose “Create”.
  8. When done, be sure to click the Sign Out button at the top of the window .

Screen Capture in Windows “Screenhunter”:
You will have to download a small application.
  Just access this website:   Click the “download” button.  This will put an exe file on your desktop.  Click on it (setupscreenhunterfree.exe) and the program will install the software and put a shortcut on your desktop.  It’s a very basic application, but does the job nicely.  If you want this on your school PC, just let me know and I’ll come install it for you.

Have you ever wanted to show your class something you found on YouTube but were websensed out?  Here’s a great alternative

This is a terrific educational website that has 15,000 free YouTube-like videos and other media explaining “school-based” topics.  The content is rated and sorted into a giant directory that’s easy to follow.  Videos are taken from TeacherTube, SchoolTube, YouTube and GoogleVideo.  I’ve set up an account if you want to go in and give it a try: Username:  xxxxxxx  Password:  xxx

Email Signature:
In Microsoft Outlook, choose Tools menu, choose Options, choose the Mail Format tab
Under Signature, choose Signatures
Choose New to create a new signature
Choose Edit to modify an existing signature
Choose Remove to delete an existing signature
In the signature text box, type the text you want to include in the signature
Choose Finish, choose OK, choose OK

To create single space between paragraphs in a HTML document:
To create an HTML document with single-spaced lines between the paragraphs, press SHIFT+ENTER at the end of each paragraph. This is the keystroke for a manual line break. You can do this with a regular Word document or with an HTML Word document.

Delicious Social Bookmarking:

Try this web tool called Delicious to access, organize, and share your favorite websites from any computer location.

Delicious is a Social Bookmarking service, which means you can save all your bookmarks online. You can get to them from any computer, whether you’re at home, at work or on the road.  You can  share them with other people, and see what other people are bookmarking. It can show you the most popular bookmarks being saved right now across many areas of interest. In addition, the search and tagging tools help you keep track of your entire bookmark collection and find new bookmarks from people with similar interests.  Give it a try, go to  It’s free.  Getting started guide:

This is a free online file converter.  Use  to convert any file format (YouTube flv ) to any other format in 4 easy steps.


Create fun, 30 second videos.  Use it as a warm-up for a new concept or vocabulary words.  Upload images, video, or text from your PC to give it a personal touch!

Directions: Go to and sign up for a free account to create 30 second videos.  Choose the Basic account.  Choose:  try it now.  Enter your personal information then click SIGN UP.

To create video, click “Create Video” and choose a style. Click Free.

1.  Choose one image or video to start.  Then add text boxes.  Choose Done.
2.  Choose music from Animoto’s collection.
3.  Finalize your video or CONTINUE.  Add a title, then click: create video

Animoto will email you when the video is ready, or stay on and watch it render (approx. 3 minutes).

*You can share your videos with other people on Animoto.  Do this by clicking on the blue “video Toolbox” button beneath your video.  If you email the video to friends who are also registered, your video will show up on the “videos from friends” collection.

Blogging with “web log”.   This is a good way of keeping the home/school connection alive.
A blog is a website written in JOURNAL style.  It is posted in reverse chronological order andcontains many entries.  However, be careful what you post – nothing is private.  Please view my classroom blog for grade 5 students.  From my website (or browser:  Here, you can view  or comment on existing posts  (the owner confirms before it’s posted to the web).
– create a blog account at
– write/publish a post
– view/comment on a post

Sub Account
Teachers can now leave documents on their computers for substitutes to use without having to give out their username and password.  Here is a quick and easy method.  A network account exists for all substitutes to use.   The username is sub (see tech specialist for the password).

1.  To initially access the sub account, you’ll first need to establish a network connection:
choose “My Network Places” from the desktop
choose “Add Network Place”
click:   Next
choose “choose another network location”
click:   Next
At internet address prompt, type: (see tech specialist for ip address)
click:   Next, Next, Finish

2. Teachers can save documents to the sub account in the following way:
when in an application, save file in:  My Network Places
choose:  (see tech specialist for ip address)
choose:  documents (create a folder using your name as the folder name)

That’s it.  When a substitute logs in using the sub account, she/he will be able to access anything you saved there.  Please remember this sub account has been made accessible to all teachers.  Any files in this account can be accidentally deleted by anyone else using this account.

Report Cards – website and Directions

Question:  What are the two most important control characters?   Answer:  Control L=this lists all the grade options / Control D=this  “fills down” an entire column
Comments:  If you want to type comments in a word processor, then copy/paste into X2 at a later time, you must use Notepad and be sure the file is saved as a .txt file.
Grade K and 1 Report Card Directions     Grade 2 Report Card Directions    Grades 3 and 4 Report Card Directions     Grade 5 Report Card Directions   These directions were written by Tricia Muldoon.
Printing Directions K and 1        Printing Directions 2 through 5

Sample Report Cards
Kindergarden- page1  page2  page3
Grade 1          – page1   page2
Grade 2          – page1   page2
Grade 3          – page1
Grade 4          – page1
Grade 5          – page1

Old Versions of Firefox

Running a DVD on PC Troubleshooting
\\maximus\apps$\TroubleShooting and run the file called choppyaudiofix.vbs

Epson Brightlink 455Wi Integrated Projector
Please click here to access the file.

Viewing DVDs through your PC
Teachers should be able to view DVDs through their PCs using Windows Media Player.  If you find the DVD movie skips, please call and I will run a software fix.  This is a Windows XP problem.

MAC address needed for wifi connectivity with  iPad
To access the internet from an  iPad for justified educational use, you will need to provide your device’s MAC address.  To do this follow the links below: