In an effort to move towards a more eco-friendly and paperless system, email and phone will be the primary method of contact for the program.  In order for you to remain current and abreast, the program needs a reliable email address for our systems. Email is the most efficient way to forward information to all parents and students.  It is also the most effective way for parents to communicate with teachers directly since most teachers do not have outside phones lines in their rooms.
If you do not have an email address, you can create one free through any number of webmail programs offered on the internet (,, etc.). If you do not have internet access at home or at work, please know that there are a number of libraries in Boston and all have internet access. Please contact the office if you need assistance or support. (09/01)

Please join and actively support the PTO at your child’s school.  Check the individual school pages found at to learn more.  Also, make a note on your calendar when progress and term reports become available.

  • 2018 marks 50 years for the Hingham METCO Program. Click HERE to view a great article written by The Hingham Journal. In addition, here is a wonderful video put together by Robin Chan from the Hingham Journal highlighting the Hingham METCO Program.