Guiding Principles

Elementary physical education is designed to provide students with a strong foundation to help participate in lifelong physical activity. Developmentally appropriate motor skills and movement concepts are taught with ample opportunities for application and practice in a positive and supportive environment. There is a strong emphasis on social skills, cooperation, and sportsmanship. The elementary curriculum can be broken down into the following areas: Educational Games, Educational Gymnastics, Educational Dance, and Educational Fitness.

Physical education at the secondary level is designed to meet the individual needs of students through a variety of prescribed and selected activities. Students are introduced to essential skills and knowledge that enable them to experience a broad spectrum of physical activity for present and lifetime use. Students are given an understanding of physiological and health awareness as it relates to their bodies. The total development of a student — physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually — is an important aspect of our physical education program. Students will also develop good sportsmanship and leadership skills.

Elementary students have one forty minute block of physical education in a six day cycle. All middle school students are required to take physical education every year. In grade 6 physical education classes meet once per cycle, and in grades 7 and 8 physical education classes meet twice per cycle.

All high school students must participate in physical education every year. In grades 9 and 10, all students are required to successfully complete a semester course in physical education and health. Juniors and seniors have a variety of options by which they may complete the physical education requirement.

Physical Education Teachers

Elementary Teachers

Luke DodgeEast
Chris DavidsonFoster
Mikaya PagniniPlymouth River
Eugene BuczynskiSouth

Secondary Teachers

Patrick CallahanMiddle
Meg MelansonMiddle
Brian PattisonMiddle
Jon RiceHigh
Erika ShinneyHigh

Erika Shinney

K-12 Physical Education Coordinator