Guiding Principles

The members of the HPS WorldLanguage Department believe that it is fundamentally important to prepare all of our students with world language skills and intercultural expertise so that they may thrive in today’s globalized society and economy. This overarching premise supports the mission of Hingham Public Schools: “… to provide challenging and comprehensive educational programs in a safe and supportive environment, enabling all students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for success as local and global citizens.” In order to become productive global citizens, students must have both proficiency in a second language and an understanding of other cultures.

There are certain underlying principles to this philosophy, including but not limited to the following:

  • Increasing global interdependence necessitates the ability to communicate in a language other than English
  • Proficiency in a world language will provide in-depth understanding of another culture’s values and beliefs as well as respect for differences
  • Proficiency in a world language will promote a deeper understanding of one’s own language and culture
  • Students of Latin acquire a robust awareness of the linguistic and cultural heritage of the English language and the foundations of Western civilization.

Erica Pollard

Director of World Language, K-12

781-741-1560 x2179