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To complete your registration, please mail the Non-refundable $25 Registration Fee and $150 Deposit (per child) to Kids In Action – 220 Central Street – Hingham. The $150.00 deposit will be applied to your May 2025 tuition payment. REGISTRATION & DEPOSIT DUE BY MARCH 28TH


Tuition Information

Tuitions & Fees

Kids in Action charges a NON-REFUNDABLE $25 Registration Fee and $150 Deposit per child to be paid by check. Tuition is paid on the 20th of each month, August through May. All families are required to pay this electronically through FACTS. Your deposit will be deducted from your last tuition payment of the year in May or forfeited in the event of an early withdrawal.


FACTS Management: For Pre-K and K-5 Before & After School

Hingham Public Schools uses a third party billing company, FACTS Management, for the processing and collection of our families’ tuition and fees. The web-based portal system is easy and convenient to use and is used by many colleges, private schools and other public schools as well.

For parents who are NEW to FACTS:

Please access FACTS Management and enroll on FACTS online.

Enrollment in FACTS is necessary to complete your kindergarten registration and is needed whether or not your tuition will be waived or you plan to pay your tuition in full. We do need a completed database of all parents, regardless of their tuition status. Please also note that FACTS charges a $50 non-refundable enrollment fee for monthly payment plans. If the annual tuition is waived or paid in full, this FACTS fee is not applicable.    You will be asked to:

  1. Provide Payee name, address and contact information,
  2. Provide financial account information for direct checking account payments (no charge) or credit card payments (2.95% service fee),
  3. Select a monthly or annual payment plan and submit a Tuition Agreement. Monthly payments will occur August 20th through May 20th.

Once you have completed the FACTS registration and enrollment/re-enrollment process, Kids In Action will establish your account with your child’s information and tuition balance(s), if any.

For additional information, please read the HPS Facts Parent Info Letter for 2022

UNIPAY: Strings After School Program

The KIA Strings Program uses a third party company, UNIPAY, for the registration process and the processing and collection of tuition and fees. The web-based portal system is easy and convenient to use and is used by many colleges, private schools and other public schools as well. The $325.00 tuition is an up front fee and does not include rental fees. YOU WILL NEED TO HAVE A UNIPAY ACCOUNT TO REGISTER. Payment must be made using UNIPAY.

*Mailed checks will not be accepted.

If you have any questions or if your child will require financial aid, please contact us.

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