General Information

The Hingham Public Schools Integrated Preschool is for both special education students and community peers. We are a district-wide program located at East Elementary.

We use the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks to inform our play-based instruction, preparing children for Kindergarten and beyond.

The program follows the typical school year beginning in September and ending in June.

All children living in Hingham, who are 3 years old by 9/1/23 are welcome to apply.

Program Days, Hours, Openings

2 Half Days3-4 yr. oldsTuesday, Thursday8:50 AM – 11:20 AM$1425Yes
3 Half Days3-4 yr. oldsMonday, Wednesday, Friday8:50 AM – 11:20 AM$2,132Yes
4 Half Days3-4 yr. oldsMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday8:50 AM – 11:20 AM$2,850Yes
4 Half Days4-5 yr. oldsMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday12:20 PM – 2:50 PMYes
Extended Day4-5 yr. oldsMonday, Tuesday, Thursday, FridayMon/Tue/Wed/Thurs: 9:30 AM-2:00 PM
Wed: 9:30 AM-11:20 AM

Important Dates

Important DaysDates
1st Day of SchoolMon. September 11, 2023

Themes for 2023-2024

SeptemberBack to School / All About MeRed/Circle
OctoberFall / Fire SafetyOrange and Black/Oval
November Family / Giving Thanks / NutritionBrown/Square
DecemberHoliday CelebrationsBlue/Rectangle
January Winter / Community HelpersWhite/Triangle
FebruaryEmotions/ Dental HealthPink & Purple/Heart
March TransportationGreen/Diamond
MayWeather / PlantingRainbow/Octagon


To educate children with disabilities and community peers within a comprehensive, structured language-based program.

In alignment with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks, the program will provide support, structure, and a respectful school environment that is necessary for children to master readiness, communication, and social/emotional standards, while also meeting the individual needs of each child. 

Staff will collaborate with parents to support the children’s learning and progress.  Children with disabilities are given additional support as directed by their Individualized Educational Programs (IEP).  This is provided by the preschool staff and also the speech/language therapist, occupational therapist, BCBA Consultant, and physical therapist in an integrated service learning approach.


    The Hingham Integrated Preschool includes both typically developing children and children with special needs from the ages of 3-5.  The program is language based and activities are designed to address the appropriate developmental level of each child.  Through the use of hands on experiences, the curriculum areas of speech and language, motor development, readiness skills, social/emotional and self-help skills are targeted.  Since children have different learning styles and are at different developmental levels, each activity is adapted to the individual needs of each child.
    Our goal is for children to participate in activities at his or her own level.  We want each child to feel included and successful about him or herself.  The fostering of self-esteem and the promotion of tolerance and acceptance of other people is foremost in the philosophy of the Hingham Integrated Preschool.

Expectations and Evaluation:

    The children in the preschool are evaluated on an ongoing basis by teacher observation and checklists. Daily activities are planned to include every child’s level of ability. It is a the goal of the preschool to provide a warm, enriching environment that not only facilitates wonderful learning opportunities, but provides a safe, nurturing atmosphere as well.
    Teachers meet with parents throughout the year in Team Meetings or conferences. Children with special needs are evaluated based on their IEP goals and benchmarks, and receive progress reports twice a year in January and June.  Additional conferences or home visits are scheduled as needed. Typically developing children are evaluated by teacher observation and assessments and their progress is discussed in parent/teacher conferences. A report card is given to parents in January and June.

Disability Services:

Children with disabilities receive therapies in either individual or group sessions as required by their educational programs. Since this is an integrated preschool program, therapies are incorporated into the natural classroom environment as often as possible. Therapies include speech and language, occupational therapy and physical therapy.  We also have a drop-in program for children who may not qualify for the preschool program. Speech and language drop-in services are scheduled at the child’s designated elementary school.

Social-Emotional Development

    A major social goal of the Integrated preschool is to assure a positive self image in each child. During daily activities students are continuously reinforced through verbal praise. Children with special needs and typically developing children learn together through ongoing play and structured learning activities. These daily interactions foster the development of new skills and friendships as children also learn about sensitivity, tolerance and patience.  Children learn to accept limits and to develop behaviors appropriate to the classroom. Large and small group activities, circle games, outdoor play, and snack enable the children to form friendships. Through these same experiences, play is developed towards cooperative play.

1. Enhance self -esteem.
2. Foster awareness and acceptance of differences among children
3. Develop peer relationships and improve play skills.

Integrated Preschool Curriculum Summaries


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