September 10, 2012

Regular Session

  The meeting was called to order by Caryl Falvey at 7:30 p.m. in the School Department Conference Room.

Members Present:        Caryl Falvey, Ray Estes, Carol M. Falvey, Dennis Friedman, Paul Gannon, Edward Schreier, Andy Shafter

Central Office Present:            Dot Galo, Ellen Keane, Elizabeth Flynn, John Ferris

Visitors Present:           Roger Boddie, Alec Porter, Laura Marwill, Thomas Ventresca, Carol Meyer, Hingham Journal


On a motion by Andy Shafter and seconded by Paul Gannon,


It was

Voted:              To approve the Minutes of the Regular Session of August 20, 2012, as revised.


Caryl Falvey shared several thank you notes.

Questions and Comments.

Tom Ventresca questioned the Committee as to what the hiring process was for hiring assistant coaches. Dot Galo spoke to the hiring process.  In response to his request to discuss the matter further, Caryl Falvey offered to meet with appropriate personnel and to communicate with Mr. Ventresca thereafter.

New Business.

The Committee received a report on the School Committee/Superintendent Goals for 2011-2012.  Dot Galo reviewed the process to assess the progress on the 2011-2012 Superintendent/School Committee goals.  She suggested establishing fewer goals using the SMARTer goal format for 2012-2013.  School Committee questions/comments:  membership of Team 21, reviewing Superintendent/School Committee goals for Planning Session on September 15, educator evaluation system in service October 3rd at HHS.

Carol M. Falvey, Chair of the Policy Subcommittee, reviewed the CORI policy change recommendation for 2.1 Appointments and revision of 2.2 Equality Employment Opportunity policy regarding disability and gender identity.

The Committee received the updated curriculum for grades PK-6.  Ellen Keane, Assistant Superintendent, reviewed revisions for 2012-2013, focusing on 2nd and 3rd grade updates and revisions to the social studies curriculum.

Dot Galo provided an update on the next steps in the Spring 2011 Title IX Audit process.  Dot Galo, John Ferris, and Margaret Conaty met with Title IX representatives and a draft agreement will be sent.  Generally positive of the athletic program, recommendations will be made to take certain actions to better align the program with Title IX standards.  The focus was on numbers participating, facilities and attribution by groups.  Expectations are that the agreement will be reviewed at the September 24 School


Committee meeting and Dot Galo will sign it.  School Committee questions/comments:  interscholastic sports include grade 9-12, how gender participation is calculated, participation by gender in extracurricular activities not considered, impact of cuts on gender participation, breakdown of female/male participation can vary at different points in time.  Dot will email a PP regarding Title IX to School Committee members.

The Committee discussed the potential for application for CPC funds to support the HS Fields Project.  Two letters were received in opposition to use of CPC funds to support the Project.  There was unanimous SC support for an application to the CPC for the HS Fields Project in accordance with the pledge made to TM to seek alternative funding for the project.

The Committee received copies of a revised charge for the Special Education Funding Working Group, as recommended by the Board of Selectmen.  School Committee questions/comments:  limited number of representatives, name change from Ad Hoc to Working Group.

The Committee heard a brief presentation on the components of the Education Evaluation System.   Dot Galo reviewed the 5-step cycle, multi-level, Educator Evaluation System. School Committee  questions/comments:  what is our capacity to perform evaluations, supervisors perform the evaluation, weighting rating system.  Electronic copy of PP is available.

The Committee received the Proposed Schedule of School Committee Presentations Including Program Reviews for the 2012-2013 school year.  School Committee questions/comments:  schedule two per School Committee meeting instead of three, more time for certain reports. Ad Hoc report moved to October 22 meeting.

The Committee received notification of the resignation of Kathleen Staples, ASL Interpreter at Hingham High School, effective June 30, 2012.

The Committee received notification of appointments as follows:  Nathalie Coughlin, paraeducator, HS; Emily Day, paraeducator, South School; Elissa Dennis, paraeducator, HS; Kerri Donovan, paraeducator, South School; Stacey Gainey, paraeducator, PRS; Victoria Harkins, paraeducator, HS; Simon Harwood, paraeducator, MS; W. Christopher Kane, .6 math teacher, HS; Jennifer King-Alfieri, paraeducator, HS; Megan Mahoney-Palmer, paraeducator, MS; Nancy Mannion, paraeducator, Foster; Elizabeth Moore, paraeducator, Foster; Danielle Neill, Title I Tutor, South; Caitlin Petrizzi, paraeducator, MS; Laura Regan, paraeducator, Foster; Amy Sack, paraeducator, Foster; Karyn Sampson, paraeducator, Foster, Dale Willis, bus driver.

Ray Estes shared with the Committee that the HHS Rowing Association held its fall social and invited several members.  It was noted that this booster group is very supportive of the rowing teams.


School Building Committee.

Ray Estes reported on the following:  MSBA site visit August 28, Phase IA completed; foundation work is ongoing and is currently two weeks ahead of projected schedule.  Back to school logistics went well, kids not impacted by construction.  Roger Boddie offered neighbors are very cooperative and there is good communication all around.

Subcommittee Reports.

LRPC:  Opening of Track Celebration and schedule Walk Around in November.

Ad Hoc:  Meeting on 9/12


 Superintendent’s Report.

1)         Smooth start of school.

2)         September 7 enrollment update.

On a motion by Ray Estes and seconded by Dennis Friedman,

It was

Voted:              By roll call vote, with all in favor, to adjourn the School Committee meeting at

9:34 p.m.