The mission of Hingham High School is to graduate students with the academic, civic, social, and personal skills necessary to become productive, responsible members of a democratic and ever-changing global society.  With the support and involvement of the community, Hingham High School will engage all students in a challenging, well-balanced educational program complemented by co-curricular activities.

Student Expectations

All Hingham High students will…

1.      Read purposefully

    • Read with an accurate understanding of content and literal meaning
    • Read with an understanding of the distinction between fact and opinion
    • Read with the ability to analyze figurative language, implied meaning, and tone

    2.      Write effectively

      • Write with appropriate expression and structure
      • Write with attention to the conventions of grammar, usage, and vocabulary
      • Use writing as a means of self-expression

      3.      Communicate effectively

        • Speak clearly and confidently in an oral presentation.
        • Listen critically and accurately to spoken messages.
        • Acquire communication skills in a second language
        • Explore and express ideas through the arts
        • Use a variety of media to communicate ideas and information

        4.      Identify, analyze, and solve problems

          • Use logic and deductive and inductive reasoning to solve problems
          • Demonstrate the ability to use technology
          • Access and evaluate information
          • Use a range of resources to conduct research

          5. Demonstrate self-respect and respect for others

          • Develop healthful habits for physical, social, and emotional well being
          • Exhibit positive verbal and nonverbal behavior
          • Maintain a good conduct record
          • Display academic integrity
          • Develop understanding of individual differences and global perspectives

          6.   Work both independently and cooperatively with others

          • Be involved in school and/or community extra-curricular activities
          • Attend school
          • Demonstrate awareness of academic responsibilities
          • Be tolerant of others’ opinions and points of view
          • Participate constructively in group activities

          7.   Fulfill their responsibilities and exercise their rights as members of local and global communities.

          • Abide by the Rules of the Road
          • Support student-sponsored activities that respond to the needs of others
          • Register to vote when eligible
          • Participate in community decisions
          • Demonstrate knowledge of civics education through the study of United States history, the democratic process, and shared civic values
          • Acquire knowledge of diverse cultures