As students enter high school, they are each assigned to a school counselor based on the first letter of their last name. The school counselor is the one person at Hingham High School who will work with students for the full duration of high school. Teachers, coaches, and even club sponsors change from time to time, but students will stay with the same school counselor for all four years.

What is the role of the school counselor?  All students will see their school counselor for required tasks such as receiving orientation information, registering for classes, planning their high school curriculum, obtaining college and career information, and scheduling special tests.

School counselors are there to help students achieve their full potential. No one can think very clearly about a math equation or remember a foreign language when a problem is troubling them. Counselors are trained to help students deal with the upsetting issues that can arise during high school.  Students may have a quick question or a long story to tell. Either way, their school counselor is there to listen and help them find answers to their questions.

School counselors provide college, academic, personal, financial aid, and career advising on an individual and/or small group basis. In regards to parent communication, most of a school counselor’s day is spent meeting with students and responding to their needs. We ask that counselors are given 24 hours to respond to any email or voicemail messages from families. Many times a counselor will respond before that timeframe as the goal is to be as responsive as possible. Please understand, however, that there are certain time periods where working directly with our students outpaces our ability to respond to outside communication within the same school day.

Class of 2027

A thru Chisholm – Ms. Turner

Christofferson thru F – Ms. Gawel

G thru Kiley – Ms. O’Brien​

Klein thru McLaughlin – Mrs. McPeck

McManus thru Safarik – Mr. Cimmino

Salerno thru V – Ms. Hart

W thru Z – Ms. Savery

Class of 2026

A thru Cignetti – Ms. Turner

Claflin thru F – Ms. Gawel

G thru K – Ms. O’Brien​

L thru Morris – Mrs. McPeck

Mozinski thru Robbins – Mr. Cimmino

Rogers thru Watters – Ms. Hart

Whitlock thru Z – Ms. Savery

Class of 2025

A thru Carleton – Ms. Turner

Cassidy thru Fairfield – Ms. Gawel

Falconieri thru Kelley – Ms. O’Brien​

Kenigsberg thru McLellan – Mrs. McPeck

McNabb thru Ross – Mr. Cimmino

Ruccio thru Waggoner – Ms. Hart

Walker thru Z – Ms. Savery

Class of 2024

A thru Crean – Ms. Turner

Cushing thru Gorczyca – Ms. Gawel

Gragg thru Libby – Ms. O’Brien

Longo thru Nelson – Mrs. McPeck

Nicholas thru Sellers – Mr. Cimmino

Sheehan thru Walker – Ms. Hart

Walsh thru Z – Ms. Savery

Ben Cimmino

781.741.1560 EXT. 2145

Jennifer Gawel

781.741.1560 EXT. 2141

Jennifer Hart

781.741.1560 EXT. 2117

Erin O’Brien

781.741.1560 EXT. 2142

Kelly McPeck

781.741.1560 EXT. 2143

Cathleen Savery

781.741.1560 EXT. 2146

Kelly Turner

781.741.1560 EXT. 2144​

Social & Emotional Wellness

We at Hingham High School take very seriously the safety and mental health of our students. In this day and age of constant contact and communication, our kids often recognize when their friends are struggling with problems before adults do. Whether it be in person or through social media, students often give off warning signs that they need help. While it can be hard to know how serious a situation is, it is best practice to err on the side of caution.

If your child shares concerns with you about another child’s immediate safety it is vital that you take action. We strongly encourage all parents to follow the protocol below:

  • In the event that you are concerned about the immediate safety of a student, please call the school immediately. Do not leave a message. Speak to someone who can note and address your concern.
  • If you are alarmed about a student’s immediate safety outside of school hours, and you cannot reach that child’s parent/guardian directly, call 911 or the police. They can conduct a wellness check.
  • If you are concerned about your own child’s immediate safety, we recommend calling the Aspire Health Alliance Crisis Team.
Aspire Health Alliance Crisis Team: 617-774-6036
Hingham High School: 781-741-1560


The School Adjustment Counselor is a resource for all students at Hingham High School. Working both individually and in small groups, the school adjustment counselor’s role is to promote the social-emotional well being of students. Often students who have a difficult time adjusting to the high school, or may be experiencing some social or emotional upset will see the school adjustment counselor to insure that they can build skills and strategies to better access the curriculum and to prevent barriers to learning. The school adjustment counselor can also provide referrals to outside community services so ongoing therapeutic relationships can be established and maintained when necessary. The school adjustment counselor regularly consults with teachers, families, school counselors and administrators to provide appropriate support services within the school setting.

Jessica Hoguet, LCSW

781.741.1560 EXT. 2104

Kevin Lalli, LMHC

781.741.1560 EXT. 2147


The use of comfort dogs in schools has been shown to provide both physical and emotional health benefits for students. According to a study published by the National Institute of Health (NIH), having a dog present in the school promotes a positive mood and provides significant anti-stress effects on the body. In fact, the simple act of petting a dog has the effect of lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Pet therapy also lowers stress hormones, like cortisol, and increases oxytocin. In other words, just being in contact with a therapy dog calms students down when they’re upset and helps keep their anxiety at bay. And reducing feelings of anxiety and depression enables them to focus on learning. Comfort Dogs have even been shown to help increase school attendance!

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Opry joined our school in 2022 and has become an invaluable resource and source of inspiration for our school community. Our School Resource Officer, Thomas Ford, has worked diligently to train her and prepare her for advanced certification programs. Opry helps to reduce stress among students (she gives great hugs!), increase engagement between students and the police department, and overall promote positivity. Opry loves visiting younger students around Hingham, however most of her time is spent at the high school.​

College & Career Planning

The Post-Secondary Planning Office serves as a resource for all students at Hingham High School. Available for both individual and small group work, the post-secondary planning office is a space for students to do more in-depth research on prospective careers, college majors, technical schools and programs and colleges and universities. 

Cathleen Savery

781.741.1560 EXT. 2146


Each student in grades 9-12 must carry a minimum of 30 credits. Seniors carrying three or more Advanced Placement courses are required to carry a minimum of 20 credits. Massachusetts “Time & Learning” guidelines require that all students be scheduled for 990 hours of instructional time annually; therefore, students who enroll in fewer than 35 credits of coursework will be assigned to a directed study to complete their “instructional time” requirements. The purpose of directed study is for students to work on curriculum-related materials under the supervision of a teacher. Students will use the opportunity to work on any unfinished class work and strengthen their understanding of academic knowledge. Directed studies are held in classrooms under the direction of a licensed teacher.


To receive a HHS diploma, all students must earn 110 credits; pass the MCAS in English/Language Arts, Mathematics, and one science area; and complete all other requirements. Credits are earned at the completion of a course.

MINIMUM CREDITS FOR CLASS STANDING (promotion to next grade)

● Minimum credits necessary to become a sophomore 25
● Minimum credits necessary to become a junior 50
● Minimum credits necessary to become a senior 75


In addition to general course load requirements noted above, there are certain required course credits that must be earned in grades 9-12. Certain distribution requirements must be fulfilled for graduation.

All students must earn at least the following credits:

20 credits in English

15 credits in Math

15 credits in Science

15 credits in Social Studies (must include US History)

10 credits in the same World Language

2.5 credits in Fine or Applied Arts

2.5 credits in Health

2.5 credits in Physical Education (class of 2026 and subsequent classes)


February: parents and students in grades 9-11 are invited to attend the Program of Studies Night (typically the first Tuesday after February vacation) to learn about course offerings for the upcoming school year.
March: the school counselors visit all English classes to speak with students about the course selection process. Teachers make recommendations in X2 by mid-March and students can then view the recommendations and select courses and electives.
Late March/early April: the school counselors meet with students again during their history classes.
August: student schedules are created over the summer and posted to X2 in early August. Counselors are available a few days before school begins to discuss any schedule change requests. These specific dates and times will be communicated each year.

Specific deadlines will be communicated to students by school counselors and to parents via the school newsletter. Counselors are available, by appointment, to meet individually with students and/or parents during this process.


Click HERE to view to 2024-2025 Program of Studies

Principal Swanson’s 2024-2025 Program of Studies Night Presentation

8th Grade to 9th Grade Course Selection Presentation

Program of Studies Curriculum Videos

Override Form for current 8th graders (due before APRIL 5TH)

Override Form for current 9th-11th graders (due before APRIL 5TH)



Hingham High School uses a 4.0 weighted GPA based on the college preparatory level. 

Only leveled courses in the 5 major subject areas (English, social studies, math, science and foreign language) are included in the calculation of GPA. GPA is calculated for all students who enter Hingham High School prior to their senior year.  Grades from previous schools will be included in the GPA.  All leveled courses are included in the calculation of GPA.

Hingham High School does not rank students. However, the two seniors with the highest GPA are designated class valedictorian and salutatorian. 


Hingham High School does not rank students nor does it provide colleges or universities with class rank information.  Designations of class valedictorian and salutatorian will be awarded to the two seniors with the highest grade point averages.  Students who are not enrolled at HHS for the final four consecutive semesters of high school (all of junior and senior years) will not be considered for these designations.  Class valedictorian and salutatorian will be selected after the seniors’ final grades have been established.  Hingham’s system of calculating grade point averages (GPA) is derived from the guidelines of the National Association of Secondary School Principals.  A student’s GPA is cumulative, and it is computed at the end of the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth semesters.  The GPA is based upon the weighted averages of all leveled courses in the five major academic areas (English, history, math, science and foreign language) completed while in attendance at HHS as well as all Advanced Placement courses.  Students transferring into HHS will be given the options of including grades earned at the previous high school(s) in the calculation of the student’s GPA.

Hingham High School eliminated class rank beginning with the 2004-05 school year.  This came after much research, discussion, and reflection, by the School Counseling Department at Hingham High School.  The department made several recommendations to the high school principal regarding class rank and related policies.  On behalf of the School Counseling Department, the Director of School Counseling compiled this report based on information gathered from parents, students, and professional educators including high school counselors, department directors, administrators, and college and university admissions representatives.  In order for parents, students, school committee members, staff, and administration to fully understand the scope of class rank, the  results of this report are presented in a question-and-answer format. 



Taking the AP Exam in May serves as the natural culmination of the student’s AP course experience. All students taking AP courses at Hingham High School must take the AP exam.  The counseling department notifies students in December and collects AP test fees for tests administered in May.  Exam dates are the same throughout the U.S.

Exam Dates

Click here for more information on AP exams


Monday Night Homework Club

You can join your peers from 6:30 – 8:30pm in the HHS LMC to complete your homework, work on a project or essay, or review challenging material.

Peer Tutors

Peer tutors are available for help every period of every day in the Counseling Department. Reach out to your counselor to be connected.

NHS Tutors

The National Honor Society has tutors proficient in any subject you need help in and have likely taken the very same courses with the very same teachers. For more information visit their site.