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Massachusetts History Teacher of the Year Honored

Congratulations to Ms. Christina O’Connor, 2021 Massachusetts History Teacher of the Year! Earlier this month, Senator Patrick O’Connor (no relation), came to Hingham High to recognize Ms. O’Connor and her accomplishment. Pictured are Senator Patrick O’Connor, Ms. Christina O’Connor, and Ms. O’Connor’s 11th grade US History class. Ms. O’Connor has been a part of Hingham’s Social Studies department since 2002 and is a favorite with students and faculty alike. 

Here are a few highlights taken from her nomination letter:

  1. Ms. O’Connor takes a highly scholarly approach to teaching history: investigating primary documents, considering alternate and diverse perspectives, and challenging students to think historically, all while making connections to the present. 
  2. Ms. O’Connor has been chosen for several highly selective national professional development programs that she has used to promote her students’ engage­ment with history. These include the National History Day/ American Battle Monuments Commis­sion’s Understanding Sacrifice and Memorializing the Fallen programs, as well as the Albert H. Small Sacrifice for Freedom Institute. 
  3. Ms. O’Connor’s love of learning and spirit of collaboration make her the type of professional educator who adds high value to whatever team of which she is a part.