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Hingham High School Receives DESE Grant to Broaden Financial Literacy Education

Thursday, January 12th – The Hingham High School Business Department announces its successful application for a Financial Literacy Grant totaling $10, 345, offered from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

This grant was submitted by HHS Business teacher Joe Tarantello who aims to use the money to support financial literacy for Hingham High School students. 

First, the grant will fund the annual Credit for Life Fair, which is offered to all HHS seniors. Funding will help revive the fair as it has not been offered since the start of the pandemic. The fair is an important opportunity for students to learn about personal finance including establishing credit, applying for loans, and managing their finances. 

“I’m excited for the opportunity to bring back our Credit For Life Fair and provide this valuable experience to students. In addition to using the funds to update the event, we’ll be able to provide a unique curriculum experience to students that enroll in our Personal Finance course.” – Joe Tarantello, HHS Business teacher

Second, the grant will fund the purchase of a three-year license for a personal finance

simulation provided by Stukent, a courseware vendor that is used in over 5,700 institutions at the high school and collegiate level. The simulation is titled “Mimic Personal Finance” and covers units on using money as a resource, managing finances, insurance, credit, taxes,

homeownership, charitable giving, and many others. 

“It has been my ongoing goal to provide personal finance education to as many HHS students as possible. I hope with the addition of this simulation experience we can attract more students to Personal Finance and to learn more about careers in the financial and business industry.” – Joe Tarantello, HHS Business teacher

The Credit For Life Fair will return this spring and the personal finance simulation will be offered to students during the Fall 2023 semester.