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Hingham Public Schools’ Appoint Amy Muldoon as Special Education Administrator

Thursday, August 3, 2023 – Hingham Public Schools announce that Amy Muldoon has been appointed as Special Education Administrator for Secondary Education. After a month-long search process that involved public interviews with both staff and community members, Muldoon was selected out of three finalists.

“We are thrilled to have Amy fill this position to support the services and programming we provide our students with special needs. Amy brings with her a strong professional background and wide experience supporting students at many levels” said Superintendent Dr. Margaret Adams. 

Muldoon began her career in 1999 as a Third Grade Teacher and continued with various special education positions including Director of Secondary Special Education Programs for Dedham Public Schools and Student Service Coordinator with Canton Public Schools. Prior to these positions, Muldoon served as a Special Education Chairperson and Director of Teacher Training and Support.

Muldoon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The Catholic University of America, and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Trinity College. Additionally, Muldoon holds current licensure for Special Education Administrator, Superintendent, and Principal/Assistant Principal.