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Hingham Public Schools Select Top Five Names for School Renaming – Community
Input Requested

Hingham Public Schools (HPS) has finalized a shortlist of five potential names for the upcoming
replacement of Foster Elementary School, scheduled to open its doors in the fall of 2023.

The top five names under consideration are:

  • Foster Elementary School
  • William L. Foster Elementary School
  • North Elementary School
  • Crow Point Elementary School
  • Harborside Elementary School

To participate in the survey and share your input, please visit
Following an overwhelming response of over 600 submissions in the initial renaming survey,

HPS extends its gratitude to the community for their engagement and urges continued
participation in this crucial decision-making process.

Once a name is selected from the provided list, the School Committee will prepare a warrant
article for presentation at the upcoming Town Meeting in the spring.

For further details regarding the new elementary school building project, please visit