Aberdeen Road East
Abington Street South
Academy Lane Foster
Accord Lane South
Accord Pond Drive South
Ada Lane South
Adams Court Plymouth River
Alden Road Foster
Alexandra Way East
Alice Walk Foster
Amber Road South
Amesbury Drive Foster
Anderson Road South
Andorra Lane South
Andrews Isle East
Appletree Lane South
Arnold Road East
Ash Street East
Autumn Circle Plymouth River
Backriver Road Plymouth River
Baker Hill Drive Foster
Bank Avenue Foster
Bare Cove Lane East
Bare Cove Park Way Plymouth River
Barnes Road East
Bates Avenue Foster
Bates Way Foster
Bath Street Foster
Bay View Avenue Foster
Bayberry Road Foster
Beach Lane Foster
Beach Road Foster
Beacham Place Plymouth River
Beal Street Plymouth River
Beals Cove Road Plymouth River
Beck Lane South
Bel Air Drive Foster
Bel Air Road Foster
Berkley Circle Plymouth River
Bickerton Way Foster
Birch Circle Foster
Birch Hill Road South
Bishops Lane Plymouth River
Black Horse Lane Plymouth River
Black Rock Drive Plymouth River
Blackberry Lane Foster
Blaisdell Road South
Blanchard Road Plymouth River
Blue Sky Drive Plymouth River
Bonnie Brier Circle East
Boulder Glen Road East
Bouve Road Plymouth River
Bradford Road Foster
Bradley Hill Road Foster
Bradley Park Drive Foster
Bradley Woods Drive Foster
Brandon Woods Circle East
Brandon Woods Drive East
Bremer Circle Road Foster
Brewer Way Plymouth River
Brewer Beach Road Foster
Brewster Circle South
Brewster Drive South
Brewster Road South
Broad Cove Road Foster
Broderick Court Foster
Brookfield Way Plymouth River
Brookside Drive Foster
Bucket Mill Lane Plymouth River
Buckley Place Foster
Bulow Place Foster
Bulow Road Foster
Burditt Avenue Foster
Burr Road East
Burr Street East
Burtons Lane Plymouth River
Butler Road Plymouth River
Butternut Lane Plymouth River
Button Cove Road East
Callahan Place Plymouth River
Camelot Drive Plymouth River
Canterbury Street East
Cape Cod Lane South
Captain Thomson Lane South
Captains Lane South
Carleton Road Plymouth River
Carvin Court South
Catha Lane East
Causeway Road Foster
Cedar Street Plymouth River
Central Street – # 1 to 180 Foster
Central Street – # 182 ↑ East
Chamberlain Run East
Charles Street East
Charles Everett Way Plymouth River
Chatham Circle Plymouth River
Cherry Street East
Chestnut Place East
Chestnut Road East
Chestnut Street East
Chestnut Terrace East
Churchill Road Plymouth River
Clark Road East
Cliff Road East
Clifford Court Plymouth River
Clubhouse Drive Plymouth River
Codman Road South
Colby Street East
Cole Road Foster
Collins Street East
Colonial Road South
Commerce Road South
Common Street East
Concord Circle South
Condito Road Foster
Conifer Drive South
Conservatory Drive Plymouth River
Constitution Road South
Coolidge Avenue Plymouth River
Cornish Way Plymouth River
Cottage Street Foster
Country Drive South
Country Lane South
Country Way South
Craig Lane South
Cranberry Lane Plymouth River
Cresswell Lane Plymouth River
Crestwood Road Plymouth River

Crooked Meadow Lane South
Cross Street Plymouth River
Crow Point Lane Foster
Crowes Lane Foster
Croydon Road East
Cushing Avenue Foster
Cushing Street South
Cutter Hill Road South
Cypress Circle Plymouth River


Daley Road Foster
Deerfield Road South
Del Prete Drive Foster
Dennis Road South
Derby Brook Way South
Derby Street South
Devon Terrace South
Downer Ave. Foster
Downing Street East
Duck Lane Plymouth River
Duxbury Court South
Dwiggins Pathe Plymouth River
East Street East
Eastgate Lane East
Edgar Walker Court Plymouth River
Elaine Road South
Eldridge Court East
Elizabeth Lane East
Elm Street Foster
Elmore Road East
Emerald Street Foster
Essington Drive Foster
Evergreen Lane East
Fairfield Street South
Fairview Street East
Farm Hills Lane South
Fearing Road Foster
Fee Street Foster
Fieldstone Road South
First Lane South
Fisher Road East
Fitzroy Drive Foster
Flintlock Circle South
Floret Circle East
Fogg Way Foster
Foley Beach Road Foster
Foley Court Foster
Fontainbleau Drive East
Forest Lane South
Forget Me Not Lane Foster
Fort Hill Street Plymouth River
Fottler Road Foster
Foundry Falls Road East
Fox Run Way South
Fr John Welch Drive South
Franklin Rodgers Road Plymouth River
Free Street East
French Street Plymouth River
Fresh River Avenue Plymouth River
Friend Street Plymouth River
Fulling Mill Lane South


Gardner Street South
Gardner Terrace South
Garrison Road East
Geo Washington Boulevard East
Gilford Road East
Glacier Lane East
Glenwood Road East
Golf View Drive Plymouth River
Governor Andrew Road Foster
Governor Long Road Foster
Great Rock Road East
Green Street East
Green Street Court East
Greenwood Road South
Grenadier Road South
Grist Mill Lane Plymouth River
Grouse Run East
Grove Avenue Foster
Halstead Drive Foster
Hancock Road South
Hanson Road East
Harbor View Drive Foster
Harvard Drive Plymouth River
Harvest Lane South
Hawthorne Road Foster
Hayes Road Foster
Hazelwood Drive South
Heather Lane Plymouth River

Hemlock Road Plymouth River
Heritage Road South
Heron Way Plymouth River
Hersey Court Plymouth River
Hersey Lane Foster
Hersey Street – # 1 to 166 Foster
Hersey Street – # 167 ↑ Plymouth River
Hickey Road South
High Street Plymouth River
Highfield Road South
Highview Drive Foster
Hill Street Plymouth River
Hill Top Road Foster
Hillshire Estates Road South
Hillside Terrace Plymouth River
Hitching Post Lane South
Hobart Street Plymouth River
Hockley Drive Plymouth River
Holly Street Foster
Hollyhock Lane Plymouth River
Home Meadows Lane East
Homestead Road South
Hoover Road South
Hope Road South
Howard Road Foster
Howe Street Foster
Howland Lane Plymouth River
Huckleberry Hill Lane East
Hull Street East
Huntley Road South
Independence Lane South
Indian Rock Lane East
Industrial Park Road South
Irving Street East
Isaac Sprague Drive Plymouth River
Ivy Way Foster
James Hill Lane East
Jarvis Avenue Foster
John Hazlitt Lane Plymouth River
Jones Street East
Joy Lane East
Julian Way South
Juniper Road Foster
Justice Cushing Way East


Keith Way South
Kents Lane Foster
Kilby Street East
Kilmer Road Foster
Kimball Beach Road Foster
King Philip Path South
Knoll Road South
Kress Farm Road East
Lafayette Avenue Foster
Langlee Road Foster
Lantern Lane Foster
Laurel Street East
Lazell Street East
Le Clair Drive South
Lea Circle Foster
Leavitt Street East
Ledgewood Circle East
Leonard Street East
Lewis Court Foster
Liberty Road South
Liberty Pole Road South
Lillian Road South
Lily Pond Lane Plymouth River
Lincoln Lane Foster
Lincoln Street Foster
Linden Ponds Way South
Linscott Road East
Little Pine Trail Plymouth River
Log Lane East
Longmeadow Road South
Loring Hill Road South
Lyndon Road East
Mabel Street Foster
Main Street – # 592 ↑ South
Main Street – #1 to # 591 East
Malachy Road Plymouth River
Malcolm Street Foster
Mallard Run South
Manatee Road Plymouth River
Mann Street Foster
Manor Drive East
Maple Street Foster
Marion Street Foster
Mark Lane South
Marsh Street Foster
Marshall Road East
Martins Cove Lane East
Martins Cove Road East
Martins Lane East
Maryknoll Drive East
Mast Hill Road East
Mayflower Road Foster
Meadow Road East
Meadow View Road East
Melody Lane Plymouth River
Melville Walk Foster
Merrill Street Foster
Merrymount Road East
Michael Road South
Middle Street East
Miles Road Foster
Mill Lane South
Mill River Lane South
Mill Street East
Millwood Road Plymouth River
Minuteman Road South
Mira Drive South
Monument Circle South
Munroe Road South
Murphy Road South
Myers Farm Road Plymouth River
New Bridge Street Plymouth River
New Towne Drive Foster
Nichols Road Plymouth River
Nokomis Road Foster
North Street – # 1 to 235 Foster
North Street – # 239 ↑ Plymouth River
Nutty Hill Road Plymouth River


Oak Road East
Oak Street East
Oakcrest Road Plymouth River
Oakwood Circle East
Ocean View Drive Foster
Off Ward Street Plymouth River
Old Colony Road East
Old County Road South
Old Derby Street South
Old Hobart Street Plymouth River
Old Mine Rock Way South
Old Ward Street Plymouth River
Olde Quarry Way South
Olmsted Drive Plymouth River
Oregon Court Foster
Osprey Way Plymouth River
Otis Street Foster
Otis Hill Road Foster
Paige Street Foster
Palmers Lane South
Paolo Road Plymouth River
Park Circle Foster
Park View Drive Foster
Park View Place Foster
Parker Driveway Foster
Partridge Drive Plymouth River
Patrick’s Way South
Patriots Way South
Paul Revere Road South
Penniman Hill Road South
Peter Hobart Drive South
Pfaffs Lane South
Pheasant Run East
Pilgrim Road South
Pine Grove Road South
Pine Street East
Pinecrest Road Plymouth River
Pioneer Road South
Planters Lane Foster
Planters Field Lane Foster
Playground Road East
Pleasant Street East
Plymouth River Road South
Polk Road South
Pond Street East
Pond Park Road South
Popes Lane East
Porters Cove Road East
Powers Lane East
Presidents Road South
Prospect Street South
Puritan Road South
Quail Run Plymouth River
Queen Anne Lane South
Quincy Avenue Plymouth River
Rachel Road South
Raynor Drive Plymouth River
Recreation Park Drive South
Red Door Drive Plymouth River
Research Road South
Rhodes Circle Foster
Rhodes Place Foster
Rice Road Foster
Richard Road South
Ridge Hill Road Plymouth River
Ridgewood Crossing Plymouth River
Rill Run South
Ringbolt Road East
Ritter Road South
Riverview Road East
Roanoke Lane Plymouth River
Robin Lane South
Roc Fall Road East
Rockland Street East
Rockwood Road East
Rocky Run Plymouth River
Rosemary Lane South
Rosewood Lane Plymouth River


Saint Catherine Square Foster
Sam Ryder Road Plymouth River
Sanborn Road East
Sarah Way Foster
Saw Mill Pond Road East
Sayles Road Plymouth River
Schofield Road South
School Street East
Scotland Street South
Scott Road Plymouth River
Scudder Street Foster
Seal Cove Lane East
Seal Cove Road East
Second Lane South
Sentinel Road South
Sgt William Terry Drive Foster
Sharp Street South
Sherman Way Plymouth River
Sherwood Road Plymouth River
Ship Street Foster
Shipyard Drive Foster
Short South Road Foster
Short Street East
Shute Avenue Foster
Side Hill Road East
Simmons Road Foster
Smith Road Plymouth River
Smith Way Plymouth River
South Street – # 1 to 182 Foster
South Street – #183 ↑ Plymouth River
South Lane Foster
South Bradford Road East
South Pleasant St. – # 1 to 82 South
South Pleasant St. – # 100 ↑ East
Southgate Lane South
Southwood Point Drive South
Spencer Drive Foster
Spring Lane East
Spring Street East
Springwood Drive South
Spruce Street East
Squirrel Hill Lane Plymouth River
Stagecoach Road South
Standish Street Foster
Stanford Drive Plymouth River
Station Street Foster
Stayner Drive Foster
Steamboat Lane East
Steven’s Way Plymouth River
Stoddard Road East
Stonegate Lane Plymouth River
Stuart Road South
Studley Road East
Summer Street East
Summit Drive Foster
Sumner Street Foster
Sunset Lane South
Surry Road East
Suwanee Road Plymouth River
Sycamore Lane Foster
Talbot Drive Foster
Talbot Road Foster
Taurasi Road Plymouth River
Taylor Lane Plymouth River
Thaxter Street Foster
Thayer Street Foster
Third Lane South
Thistle Patch Way East
Thompson Avenue East
Tillinghast Drive Plymouth River
Tower Brook Road Plymouth River
Tower Road Plymouth River
Triphammer Lane East
Triphammer Road East
Tuckers Lane Plymouth River
Tudor Circle East
Tupelo Drive Foster
Turkey Hill Lane East
Tuttle Way Plymouth River


U S Bates Road Plymouth River
Union Street East
Upland Drive South
Vicki Lane South
Viking Street Plymouth River
Village Lane East
Volunteer Road South
Volusia Road Plymouth River
Walnut Street East
Wanders Drive South
Ward Street Plymouth River
Water Street East
Weathervane Court Plymouth River
Weir River Lane East
Weir Street East
Weir Street Ext. East
Welaka Road Plymouth River
West Street Plymouth River
Westmoreland Road South
Weston Road Foster
Westview Circle Foster
Whisper Way Plymouth River
Whitaker Lane Foster
Whitcomb Avenue Plymouth River
Whitcomb Lane Plymouth River
White Horse Road Plymouth River
Whiting Lane South
Whiting Street South
Whiton Avenue Foster
Whiton Lane Foster
Wilder Road East
Williams Street Plymouth River
Willow Circle South
Windjammer Way East
Windsong Way South
Windsor Drive East
Winfield Road South
Winona Way Foster
Winter Street East
Winthrop Road South
Wompatuck Road Foster
Woodbine Road East
Woodbridge Road Plymouth River
Woodlock Road Plymouth River
Wright Road East