Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to enroll in this program?

Any child who lives in Hingham and will be four years old by August 31, 2023 is eligible to enroll. 

Does my child need to speak Spanish to enroll in this program?

No! This program is meant to develop Spanish language skills in students of all language backgrounds. 

Will my child be prepared for kindergarten after this program?

Yes! This program will follow state-approved frameworks for early childhood education. Some research on immersion programs indicates that students may experience a temporary lag in the development of some literacy skills, but that the lag disappears quickly and students eventually exceed their peers in both languages. For more detailed research, please see our Spanish Immersion Pre-K Page

Who will be teaching my child?

There will be two lead teachers for this classroom. These teachers will have the same Early Education licensing as teachers in the existing Kids in Action preschool program. All KIA teachers have a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and are certified through EEC (Early Education and Care). 

What other support will be available to my child? 

If necessary, children in the Spanish immersion program will have access to the Foster School nurse for medical needs. Special education support will not be provided through this program, but will instead be provided through the integrated Pre-K program at East School. 

Do I need to know Spanish to have my child in the program?  

No knowledge of Spanish is required to enroll your child.  Information for parents will be shared in English, and your child’s teachers will provide guidance regarding how to best support your child. 

What will happen to my child’s skills in English, in particular the ability to read English?

Research on immersion programs shows that students eventually develop higher proficiency in both English and Spanish as a result of immersion programming. While some students do show a slight lag in the development of specific language skills (e.g. spelling and punctuation), this lag disappears quickly. The research indicates no long-lasting negative effects to this type of program. 

What amount of time will my child be learning in Spanish? 

The program will be 80% in Spanish and 20% in English. The 20% in English will be focused on the development of literacy skills. 

Will the program extend beyond Pre-K?

We will gauge community interest in the program and consider extending the program beyond kindergarten